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NYC Park Gets Rid of Invasive and Poison Plants With 24 Goats Enjoying a Vacation

If you don’t want to use herbicides to control your lawn, what is the alternative to constant mowing and hedge trimming? Well, in ancient times they used goats.

In fact, many organic landscapers today use goats as they are live weeds, immune to all sorts of natural poisons, and seemingly unfazed by thorns. They can eat poison oak as easily as we can eat a piece of celery.

In Manhattan’s Riverside Park, two dozen goats have been released onto overgrown and unkempt brush and undergrowth to avoid having to use chemicals or spend thousands of dollars on labor.

Spectators gathered around him to watch the herd of calico animals charge into the park during the Running goats, What Reuters call it.

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“They ate Japanese knots, they ate porcelain berries, they ate multiflora roses, they easily traversed the hard-to-reach terrain behind me, and they swallowed poison ivy without even thinking twice,” said Dan Garodnick. Riverside Park Conservancy President and CEO on the ceremonial day of deployment.

“It’s healthy for goats and it’s good for the environment. That’s farm to table. “

In addition to working many more hours than landscapers, goats, according to Jordon Martins-Cihanek, son of the Green Goats farm owner who provided the animals, actually neutralize many of the seeds of the various unwanted plants, preventing them from ever returning to grow next year. .

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The team of 24 goats will eventually be reduced to five lucky landscapers: Skittles, Ms. Bo Peep, Chalupa, Mallemar and Buckles, who will live in the park until August 24, at which time the (G) test (O) f (A) ll (T) ime goat ranking competition will produce a winner, who presumably gets the next park to themselves.

(LOOK the Reuters video for this story below).

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