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Meet an Oakland Man Who Befriended a Tiny Hummingbird

When a little hummingbird started visiting a man in Oakland, CA, they quickly became best friends. Since you live in a big city, you don’t have many opportunities to communicate with nature. So of course he got excited when the hummingbird started to pass by more often.

When he started feeding the bird, their friendship blossomed. The adorable story shows that when you reach out a helping hand, you will receive something even more beautiful in return. This is how a man’s relationship with a cute hummingbird began, right in his backyard.

“I received the feeders as a gift on my birthday. I put them on my window and then glued the hummingbird feeder on top of my seed feeder, ”he said. “And once the hummingbirds started showing up, I started reaching out my hand to get them used to me.”

The man, who goes by “BirdPerson666” on Instagram, noticed something interesting after a few days. He realized that the same hummingbird visited him every day. His wife decided to call him Hector because of his love of nectar. Now, it seems to respond to its name, flying towards the window every time it is called!

The man says it will even fly towards him when he is not holding the feeder. For example, if you walk to your car, the bird will greet you as if to say, “How’s it going? Are you okay? “It is a brief encounter, but it warms the man’s heart nonetheless.

The Oakland man regards the present moment he received as a spiritual message of some kind. The day he got the bird feeders, one of his close cousins ​​passed away. He believes that there is some spirituality behind the visit of hummingbirds Many cultures have thought of these birds as messengers of a spiritual realm. Perhaps the bird is trying to convey an important message from his cousin or comfort him during a difficult time.

The man began feeding the hummingbird after gaining its trust.

Whatever the reason for the bird’s visit, the man thoroughly enjoyed it. He kept walking to the window and opening it for the hummingbird to get used to it. After only four days, she says Hector was eating from the palm of her hand. Everyone knows that the way to an animal’s heart is through the stomach, and this hummingbird proves it!

Hummingbird feeders are a bit different than other bird feeders. While hummingbirds eat a variety of insects, their main source of food comes from nectar. To attract these beautiful birds, many backyard bird watchers leave them with a mixture of water and sugar. Because they have such long beaks, they require a specialized feeder with a small hole to quickly drink the water.

They are also known to drink the juice of overripe or previously picked fruits. Scientists have even observed them drinking tree sap, as it also satisfies their sweet tooth. Because they love sweetness, bird watchers have found that sugar water is more like nectar than they would find in flowers.

The Oakland man knew exactly what to feed the bird as he had been around them from a young age.

“When I was younger, my mother was the neighbor people in our town called when they found an injured animal,” he said, “because they knew that she would make sure he got the help he needed.

“Most of the time, we got calls about pigeons and finches that people found in the patios, maybe knocking on their windows. So I guess that’s where it all started. “

His childhood love for birds never left him. Even when he moved to a big city, the “bird man” still carried that connection with nature. So getting the bird feeders as a birthday present allowed him to return to his roots. It even inspired him to share that special connection with others and spread the importance of spending time outdoors.

A childhood love for birds became a mission to share our interconnectedness with nature.

“After Hector and I became friends, I posted a couple of videos of him feeding. And my partner who now helps me manage the account, Ranger Shan, immediately started accounts dedicated to Hector and my passion for birds, ”he said.

The website his friend created reads: “Birdperson666 and Hector met in Oakland, California in October 2020. Ranger Shan approached him with the idea of ​​starting accounts dedicated to this relationship and his many creature friends. Birdperson666 and Ranger Shan are committed to drawing attention to the intersection of social and environmental justice. “

They want to make sure people know that they can still interact with nature even if they live in a big city. Some people don’t have access to nature trails or wilderness areas, so it’s important to connect with nature in other ways. Simply adding a bird feeder to your garden can give you that connection right in your backyard.

“Now it has become a really accessible way for someone like me, who lives in a bigger city, to enjoy nature and wildlife. And that’s something our account would really like to see happen as a result: more people enjoying the great outdoors. Everyone should enjoy nature and we would like to see more weirdos in the wild, ”he says.

Final thoughts on the Oakland man who became a little hummingbird’s best friend

Sometimes it is difficult to remember, but we are all connected in this world. Living in big cities, we often lose this special relationship with nature, but it is not necessary. A man from Oakland, a great city in California, shows that nature surrounds us, even in concrete jungles. When he put hummingbird feeders outside his window, he developed a close friendship with a daily bird visitor.

Now they are practically inseparable. The bird She even turns her back on the man at times, which shows that she trusts him. What a beautiful story of how we can still immerse ourselves in the natural world, even in the heart of a city.

If you have hummingbirds visiting your garden, let us know in the comments!

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