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After Year of Isolation, Most Americans Still Aren’t Tired of Their Homes, And Plan Even More Upgrades

According to a new study, 55% of Americans made a significant change to their home décor in 2020, and 71% said that even after spending so much time at home in 2020, they plan to take their projects to the next level in the new Year.

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Expect several trendy design features to be installed in Americans’ homes this year, including smart furniture (34%), natural elements (31%), and colorful art statements (28%), which are among the features of most coveted interiors that respondents want to incorporate in 2021.

Sustainable design (26%) and light colored woods (26%) also featured prominently in respondents’ redesign plans.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Puffy with 2,000 Americans across the spectrum, the survey also looked at the styles and elements most key to creating the respondents’ dream homes.

The top decor style changes pursued by respondents in 2020 included remodeling a room with modern (35%), traditional (22%), and mid-century modern (12%) design styles.

Eclectic (9%) and minimalist (9%) styles also impressed, and are likely to remain popular in the new year.

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However, the most common reason for decoration alterations was not purely out of boredom, and the changes were not purely cosmetic.

While 11% of respondents urgently needed a change of scenery, it wasn’t the main reason respondents reported changing their interiors.

Nor was the desire to have a space that better serve them for the new functions, such as homeschooling, that their homes required, the most popular reason (12%).

Instead, desiring a home with more luxurious items (28%) and creating a place that feels more like a sanctuary (25%) were actually the motivations respondents cited most frequently when asked why they wanted to change their space.

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Nearly four in 10 also said that Scandinavian design, known for its clean lines, was an influence on changes in home decor.

Comfort is a priority for many respondents, with 78% saying that when it comes to decor, comfort is more important than anything else.

And the interior renovations they already did in 2020 seem to have had the desired effect for 73% of those surveyed, who agreed with the statement: “My home is my sanctuary.”

When asked which items were the most key to making their home a welcoming space to live in, sofas (27%) and beds (27%) of respondents were clearly the favorites.

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“It’s no wonder that simplicity, sustainability and technology are the most prominent focal points of 2021 home décor. We are seeing a significant shift in the mindset of decorators. There is now more emphasis on blending visual appeal with functionality and comfort, especially in the bedroom, ”added Arthur Andreasyan, CEO of Puffy.

“Creating a sanctuary that provides comfort every day is critical to overall well-being and happiness.”


Smart furniture (34%)
Natural elements (31%)
Colorful statement art (28%)
Sustainable design (26%)
Light woods (26%)
Gray color palettes. (twenty-one%)
Deep blue palettes (20%)
Modern rustic accessories (19%)
Polka dot print (17%)
Neutral color palettes (14%)

This must be good news for business and mental health.

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