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Stunning Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode Discovered by Miners in Uruguay – And it’s Now For Sale

There are probably thousands of heart-shaped gems made for Valentine’s Day gifts, but this amethyst crystal does not need to be cut or polished. When the miners opened it, they found an extraordinary heart already prepared by Mother Earth.

By Marcos Lorenzelli – Uruguay Minerals Instagram

Workers discovered the amazing quartz geode on the border of Uruguay and Brazil when they cut open a rock to reveal a beautiful purple heart on each side.

Uruguay Minerals had just started excavation at the Santa Rosa mine in the Catalan area at Artigas, and was not sure if anything of value would be discovered.

The land with its rugged basalt terrain provided difficult conditions in which to work, but their struggle was rewarded with “a pearl of great price.”

“What a treasure!” exclaimed Marcos Lorenzelli of Uruguay Minerals, who said it was the first time the company had found such a once-in-a-lifetime gemstone.

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By Marcos Lorenzelli – Uruguay Minerals Instagram

Lorenzelli told GNN that they had already received an offer of $ 120,000 for the corresponding pair of rocks. Due to the basalt, Lorenzelli estimates the weight to be more than 150 pounds (80 kg).

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By Marcos Lorenzelli – Uruguay Minerals Instagram

You can contact them with your own offer via their website—And also find many smaller hearts and angel wings made by your team to fit smaller budgets.

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