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A Little Book for Normal People

Practical mysticism: a booklet for normal people

May 26, 2021– “This little book, written during the last months of peace, goes to press in the first weeks of the great war. Many will feel that in a time of conflict and horror, when only the most ignorant, disloyal or apathetic can expect peace of mind, a book that deals with what is called the “contemplative” attitude towards existence is totally out of place. In fact, this point of view is so obvious that at first I thought about postponing its publication On the one hand, it seems that the dreams of a spiritual rebirth, which promised so justly a short time ago, would have perished in the sudden outburst of brute force. On the other hand, the thoughts of the English race are now turned, and rightly so, to the more concrete forms of action – struggle and resistance, practical sacrifices, difficult and prolonged effort – rather than towards the passive attitude of self-surrender, which is all that the practice of mysticism seems, in a way. demand “. Evelyn Underhill’s book, ‘Practical Mysticism’, was first published in 1915 and is now a classic in the field. (627 reads)

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To take actionWhat practices help you to ‘clear’ the doors of perception? Have you experienced flashes of infinity on your own path?


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