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6 Reasons Why Taking Revenge on Your Ex Is Always a Bad Idea

How many times have you heard that everything is fair in love and war? However, it is better to leave some battles to karma. You may be hell-bent on revenge. But that’s a bad idea.

When someone does you wrong, you must remember that it is not your place to take revenge on them. after the break. In most cases, you should see it as if you’ve dodged a bullet because someone who would make you dirty is not someone you want to be with for life.

Perhaps your ex cheated on you, or they may have become verbally and physically abusive. You may also be facing a case where money was stolen and your credit was ruined. Whatever damage has been done to you, you must find a way to move on without taking revenge.

Who doesn’t love the country / pop song where the jilted lover drives a Louisville Slugger to both headlights and blows up the tires? The premise is that you may not be inclined to cheat next time. However, while it is an entertaining song, it shows revenge on an inanimate object.

It probably made the girl feel better by venting her frustration on her car, but it will do nothing to resolve the pain in her heart. Also, can you cause so much damage to a vehicle and not face legal repercussions?

Six reasons you should never try to get back at an ex

Before embarking on the path of taking revenge on someone who has wronged you, you should think carefully about your choices. Here are some great reasons why you should never try to get back at a former lover, no matter what they did.

1. It is not good for your health

Sure, you think it will make you feel better to chase your ex, but the truth is that all the stress you feel will affect your health. You’ve probably heard that stress killsbut do you know how?

According to the American Institute of StressWhen your body is under pressure, it releases hormones that put it in “fight or flight” mode. If you stay in this mode too long, it can lead to heart attacks and strokes. So don’t worry about these things and let the universe take care of things.

2. Your energy is needed

Taking revenge on someone takes a lot of energy, and this is the energy that you can use for positive things. When you focus on negativity and harmful factors in your life, it inhibits you from moving towards the good things.

Sure, it hurts to be dumped or done wrong, but you can get over it with optimism. Always use your powers for good and not for evil, and see how much better you feel about yourself.

3. It is a bitter act

You want to be blessed and have a good life. You want a lovely family, a promising career, and lots of money. How can you ask the Universe to give you all these good things if you have bitterness and hatred in your heart?

Releasing the power this person has over you will make you feel better, but also take away that bitterness you harbor inside. Have you ever heard that bitterness can cause cancer?

Many people do not know that cancer has an emotional component. According to an article published in The Daily MailProfessor Wrosch, from the Department of Psychology at Montreal’s Concordia University, has carried out numerous studies on the subject. His research shows that bitterness, if allowed to ooze, can have a dramatic effect on your health.

When these feelings live within your soul, they cause biological dysregulation. This abnormality can lead to physical or mental illness. Your immune system is weakened and your whole body feels the strain of bitterness. One of the conditions it can cause is malignancy, although there are many others.

4. It is linked to denial

Did you know that it is much easier to forgive others than to forgive yourself? There is no perfect relationship. Even if they got it wrong, you have to admit that there were things that you didn’t always get right. No one is perfect and you must take responsibility for your actions.

It is much easier to get angry with another person than to face your shortcomings. Also, you can deny the situation. If you still love the person, a part of you may think that this may get their attention.

It’s a distorted perception because after you turn off your headlights or flatten your tires, you won’t make them run back. It can solidify why they left in the first place.

5. It is an act of self-destruction

You can get back at someone in many ways, but this act could get you in trouble. Suppose you flattened your tires to show them how much it hurts. Now what if someone captured this act with a security camera and handed it over to the police? getting revenge only got you in trouble.

It is illegal to destroy someone else’s property and you could also get in trouble for spreading vicious lies. The fines, court costs, and repair bills just aren’t worth paying. Think wisely, as getting revenge can cost you significantly.

6. Nothing changes

You plan, and plan, and do everything in your power to get revenge on this individual. However, what does it do for you? Sure, you might get a slight sense of euphoria at the thought that you made them suffer the way you did. Consequently, nothing will change.

You will not erase the wrong they have done to you and you will not make them feel bad for the way they acted. All you are doing is being destructive to self-gratification, which is always short-lived.

Six best ways to heal your heart

You have experienced a breakup and you the heart is broken In a million pieces While taking revenge is not the best way to handle things, what can you do to resolve the pain in your heart?

1. Give yourself time

You didn’t fall in love overnight, nor are you going to fall out of love that fast. Time is the best remedy for pain, as it decreases with each passing day. Don’t expect to end a five-year relationship in a week.

2. Surround yourself with support

When you isolate yourself from everyone, the pain becomes more intense. Other people help you cope with the pain you feel.

Call your friends and family and get out of the house. Nothing good happens staying locked behind four walls.

3. Get advice

You’ve probably asked yourself 100 questions about your relationship. Better to get a mutual and professional person to talk to you. They can help you identify how to do better in the next relationship and point out what you had no control over.

If you are playing the blame game on yourself, counseling is a great place to start the healing process.

4. Get back out there

The best way to forget one person is to move on with another. While you may not be interested in marriage and family, no law says you can’t have fun. The dating group is full of many people ready, willing and able to love you as you deserve.

It would be helpful if you had someone who would make you feel beautiful or handsome and show you what you are worth. Who knows, the next person you meet might be the one who surprises you.

5. Let karma do its thing

The wonderful thing about doing nothing is that you allow karma to step in and take care of it for you. Remember the “golden rule” that you should always make others how you want to be treated; well, the Universe seems to impose it. Karma can get into situations and turn your life upside down, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

6. Turn to your faith

Most people have a spiritual sense. It’s best to turn to your faith to help you get through the darkest days of your life. Believing that someone greater and more powerful can help is just what you need to get through this difficult time.

Final thoughts on why getting revenge on an ex is a bad plan

Anger and bitterness About a lost love will pollute your life, while the person who hurt you will sail into the sunset without worry. Forgiveness will free you from the ties that bind you, and forgiving them is not about them at all; it’s all about you. This doesn’t mean that you have to let them come back into your life, but you are doing it to become a better person.

View this betrayal as a lesson learned, and you should strive to do better in your next relationship. Learn to spot the warning signs of problems and get out before things accelerate to the boiling point. In most cases, you may not have seen the breakup or the painful situation coming. Some lessons life teaches are difficult.

Sure, you want revenge because you feel like it will make you feel better. Sadly, it is a bandage that will soon fall off and the open wound on his heart will continue to exist. Cry if you have to, talk to a friend to fill the void, but don’t take revenge. Not worth it.


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