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This Committed Couple Met in ADVERSITY Then Wrote Their Own LOVE STORY

When Riona Kelly met her personal trainer Keith, she never imagined the love story that would unfold. Ten months after Riona suffered a stroke, she decided to find a personal trainer to help her regain strength. She wanted a sense of normalcy in her life again, but unfortunately, most of the people she reached out to rejected her.

“Every person I came close to refused to train me because I was paralyzed, I had a spinal cord injury,” Riona explained. “So when I connected with Keith, I assumed he knew I had a spinal cord injury, but he didn’t, and I didn’t add that to my message.”

When Keith met her and found out about your stroke, he didn’t see that as a setback. He decided to train her anyway and help her become the best version of herself. Keith said that she progressed slowly but surely with his guidance and support. The day Riona did her first squat since her injury, they both celebrated and saw that as a huge milestone.

Keith didn’t just go home for personal training sessions; he also went for a walk with her. He said that after meeting, they just clicked. Their love story started in such an unexpected way, but the best ones usually do it!

Keeping Faith After a Significant Setback

“We were talking about Christ and faith and we never gave up,” Keith said.

Despite Riona’s life-changing injury, she never gave up faith to get over it. Her doctors told her she had a 0% chance of walking again, but she and Keith would not accept it. Together, they knew that he could do whatever he put his mind to, with a little faith and determination. Riona is grateful for her injury because it made her the woman she is today.

Little did she know, the adversity she went through would one day turn into a love story.

“Without the storm, without the fight, you would never realize who you are meant to be,” Riona said. “You would never notice a fire in your stomach. You would never do the things you want to do. “

He went on to say that everything we go through leads us to the next chapter. It gives us momentum and momentum to overcome obstacles and continue to grow. Often times, the universe gives us adversity to learn a lesson and lead us to something better.

Riona says:

“Do not fear the storm. Embrace the storm and come out stronger. “

Thanks to Keith, Riona will never give up. Thanks to him, she has a renewed faith and a new lease of life. He inspires her to keep going, even if, on some days, the negatives seem overwhelming. She never imagined the beautiful love story that would await her after meeting Keith. All the other coaches turned her down, but Keith saw something special about her early on.

“I’m going to get through everything I’m going through because you’ve given me that drive to do it,” he says of Keith.

Keith says his family and his faith motivate him to continue on this journey. He promised Riona that he would never give up on her, and he kept that promise. His strength truly inspires him, and Riona admires Keith’s determination and loyalty. His love story it sounds like something out of a movie, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

After her stroke, Riona’s ex-husband of 14 years decided to leave her and she was devastated. It was then that she needed him most and he left her alone with a disability and five children to care for. After she was released from the hospital, her children and her friend Sarah supported her through her recovery. Riona never imagined being able to walk again, much less get involved in another love story.

How Riona has flourished thanks to Keith and his unshakable faith

Despite all these challenges, Riona continued to hope that she could recover. However, early in her rehab, she had a hard time coping with it all. Many days, she said that she really did not want to live anymore, but her children kept her alive. Learning to use a wheelchair was difficult, especially when people looked at her when she was out in public.

However, Riona did not want to give up despite the doctors’ predictions that she would be paralyzed forever. Somehow she knew that one day she could walk again if she kept the faith. After doing hours of physical therapy, Riona finally took her first steps on a parallel bar. He had no feeling in his legs and each step used up all his energy, but that didn’t matter.

I was excited to walk again. Every day, she continued to build her strength and was finally discharged from the hospital after 4 months. When Riona got close to personal trainer and former rugby star Keith, her entire life changed. It helped her get stronger and also gave her the love that she truly deserved.

After going through so much, Riona stayed strong and persevered. Riona’s children love Keith and he fits in perfectly with the large and loving family. With the help of Keith and his wheelchair, Riona has completed two marathons since then. Now you can also walk without assistance and only need your wheelchair to travel long distances.

She is even capable of Do exercise in the gym with Keith’s help and he’s better and stronger than ever.

Final thoughts: This beautiful couple turned adversity into a heartwarming love story.

Keith and Riona’s story is the definition of true love: two people who believe in each other and never give up. Riona was progressing on her own, but without her husband around, it wasn’t easy. When Keith came into her life, she had another chance to have a love story and a chance to feel happy again. Keith has been a knight in shining armor to Riona, and we wish them both the best on their journey.

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