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What do the gardens mean?

August 5, 2021– “This is clear: the people who call themselves artists and that others call artists – are making gardens and calling it art, or they are making art in which the creation of gardens is part of what they call art. For a long time, people who may not call themselves for nothing have been making gardens that other people call art. Besides, it would be very surprising if all this did not continue. And given this time of deep meddling with nature and the terrible results that we are experiencing, the garden could be, in all its forms, the most suitable place to bring us back to our senses, a role of the long-established and appreciated gardens, whether consciously or not. ” In this beautiful and introspective piece, Richard Whittaker plunges right into the heart of a powerful and curious question: What do gardens mean? (11 readings)

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To take actionWhat do gardens mean to you? Take a moment to capture your spontaneous response to this question in some form.


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