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This Teen Makes Tiny Bow Ties for Shelter Dogs to Help Them Look Spiffy and Get Adopted

In order for rescued puppies to be adopted, they must stand out from the rest. One teenager has made it his mission to make sure they do, and he does so by giving his canine friends lots of adorable bow ties that he sews himself.

Joy brown

Darius Brown’s sister Dazhai taught him to sew when he was 8 years old. The young man’s first project, a Teenage Mutant TurtlesThemed bow tie proved so popular with his peers that Darius knew he had found his niche.

Darius with his sister in 2015 / Joy Brown

According to his mother, Joy, her son’s newfound passion was something of a godsend. Diagnosed at a young age with speech and fine motor skills disorders, she noted that Darius’ skills were constantly improving as he continued diligently in his new craft.

“I was so determined. He sat and watched Dazhai for months and took it all in, ”Joy said. The Washington Post. “He started cutting fabrics and very soon, he was operating the sewing machine by himself.”

When Darius learned of all the family pets made homeless by Hurricane Irma in 2017, he was inspired to invest his emerging talents in helping them get adopted.

He soon delivered his first batch of 25 rescue bow ties to the New York City ASPCA Animal Shelter, which had become a haven for a large influx of dogs and cats displaced by Irma.

“I saw how happy the people at the shelter were to get the bow ties and how much the dogs liked them, and I decided to do more,” he told the Post. “I came up with the goal of giving bow ties to an animal shelter in every state.”

The young shirtmaker in the furry outfit estimates that he has sewn 600 rescue animal bow ties in the neighborhood since he started. Pets in Washington DC area shelters and eight US states, so far, have been the beneficiaries of Darius’s work.

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Darius especially likes to focus his attention on older animals and pets with disabilities, knowing that they are often the hardest to find a home. Shelter managers acknowledge that Darius’ bow ties have made a huge difference in the adoption of more of his low-key pets.

With a little help from his mother, Darius brought his Beaux and Paws brand to life on Facebook and Instagram. The Browns also established a GoFundMe campaign to help defray the cost of Darius’s sewing supplies.

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As demand for his “necklaces” products grew, Darius expanded his operations by launching his own business website, Sir Darius Brown. A portion of all proceeds go to the ASPCA.

As a dog lover Darius may be, the apartment complex the Brown family currently lives in does not allow them. So for now, your dreams of having a canine companion of your own to keep you company will have to remain on hold.

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One day, however, Darius hopes to be the captain of his own foster facility and surround himself with a tail-wagging sweetheart. He also plans to expand Beaux and Paws inventory to include brightly colored dog sweaters and vests with bold prints for the wealthy hound, wearing his bow ties in style, all while showing off adoptable pets in the best way possible. advantage.

Featured Image: Dazhai Brown Shearz

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