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The micro homes designed to tackle the UK housing crisis

Nine of the green homes are being proposed for brownfields in Bristol. Could the concept help other UK cities create much needed affordable housing?

Being space savvy is a must in densely populated cities, yet uncomfortable landslides from abandoned land are still a common sight in many urban areas.

Often overlooked as being too small or difficult to build, these plots can remain in a state of disrepair for years. Meanwhile, people struggle to climb the housing ladder due to a lack of affordable housing.

Offering a potential solution to these twin problems is a new micro-housing project called ‘gap housing’, which features properties that can be placed in tight urban spaces.

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A consultation is currently underway to install nine of the homes on derelict land in Bristol. The proposed site was previously occupied by dilapidated city hall garages, which were recently torn down.

Plans for the development include community gardens and outdoor seating areas to encourage residents to mingle. The two-story homes also feature solar photovoltaic panels and air-source heat pumps to reduce their environmental impact.

The houses would be owned by Bristol City Council and assembled in a factory.

Affordable housing

The two-story homes also feature photovoltaic solar panels and air-source heat pumps. Image: BDP

“The fabrication of the houses would largely take place off-site, causing fewer disruptions than traditional construction during the construction phase,” the council said in its consultation.

The gap housing concept was designed by BDP Architects to help ease the housing crisis in Bristol, which, like most UK cities, lacks affordable property.

It will bring new energy and life, revitalizing neighborhoods.

BDP said the houses would help revitalize neighborhoods in Bristol and potentially beyond. With an estimated 2,000 municipal garages located throughout the city, there is certainly the potential for the concept to expand locally.

“Putting these new, attractive and thoughtfully designed homes in place will not only help deliver much-needed housing, it will also bring in new energy and life, revitalizing neighborhoods and helping build stronger and more resilient communities,” said BDP.

Main Image: BDP

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