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Scott Kolbrenner Won $145,000 on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ Now He’s Giving It All to Charity

Wheel of Fortune Players have been buying vowels and filling in the blanks in “America’s Game” since 1975. With the stakes determined by the luck of the spin combined with the contestants’ skill in solving puzzles, it’s a formula that guarantees that almost anything can happen, including a winner. who recently donated all of his $ 145,000 prize winnings to charity.

Wheel of Fortune

That’s exactly what Encino, California resident Scott Kolbrenner did in the Wheel episode that aired on March 18, 2021, and it was what he had planned to do all along if he won.

“When I went on the show, I was doing it for fun,” he said. Good morning america. “I told my wife… ‘… Whatever I get, let’s give it to charity. We are very lucky. Let’s see if we can support others who are not as lucky as us. “

Luck of the wheel was with Kolbrenner throughout the show. After scoring a $ 3,500 wedge, he next landed on the Express Wedge, which he took advantage of for another winning response.

Kolbrenner kept up the momentum, finishing the game with a total of $ 45,000 to beat the other contestants. Along with the show’s preset letters R, L, S, T, N, and E, Kolbrenner chose P, H, G, and O for a chance to solve the grand prize puzzle in the “What are you wearing?” Category. “

Once Vanna White finished turning the tiles, only the six letters remained hidden. The 10-second clock had barely started ticking when Kolbrenner correctly guessed: “Flowing white dress.”

Pat Sajack revealed the amount of the bonus: $ 100,000. With winnings totaling $ 145,000, Kolbrenner became the fifth biggest winner in Wheel46 years of history.

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Kolbrenner divided the loot between two local charities with which he has been affiliated for a long time: Uplift Family Services, a comprehensive behavioral health treatment provider (of which he is a board member), and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, whose outreach supports thousands of California families facing food insecurity.

“Although I hoped it would go well, I never thought something like this could happen,” Kolbrenner said. yahoo news“I was lucky that day and knew immediately that I wanted to share my good fortune. The fun and memories of the day will stay with me forever, but the urgent need of our community cannot wait. “

in a statement of Uplift Family Services, Kolbrenner revealed that “his ‘good fortune’ came long before he spun the Wheel, having grown up in an intact and secure family where he never had to worry about his next meal or his safety. “He credits his grandfather for instilling the values ​​of” charity and civic duty as a fundamental part of life”.

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We bet you don’t need to buy a “U” to know that makes Scott Kolbrenner a TR_E H_MANITARIAN.

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