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Over Half of Americans Have Had Some of the Best Moments of Their Lives in a Car

Americans have a nostalgic appreciation for their car since the pandemic, according to a new survey, and it’s no wonder. 40% of them have experienced epiphanies or “eureka” moments while sitting in those cars.

Olga Kay, CC license, via Flickr

A survey of 2,000 American drivers and car owners explored the relationships people have with their vehicles.

He found there is no shortage of life-changing moments behind 2-4 doors, from committing to positive change to coming up with a business idea or inventing an invention.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll, was commissioned by Metromile, a digital insurer: “While many Americans reduced their driving during the pandemic, our study shows that cars remain an essential part of our lives.”

The study also showed that cars had become extensions of one’s home, functioning like everything from a de facto office to a video calling studio for work.

48% said that their car is a perfect space to talk to themselves, a perfect place to cry (42%), to shop online (37%) or to take a photo (21%).

The study also revealed the kinds of conversations respondents have had in their cars. The average driver said they have had at least six awkward conversations in their car. More specifically, 46% said they experienced some of the worst times of their lives in their car.

However, many people see their vehicles as a refuge, and 40% of those surveyed say that their vehicle is the only space they have for them.

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58% said they have had some of the best times of their lives sitting inside their vehicle, and two in five people surveyed said they are ready to hit the road again.


I discovered a great chess move
I came up with an invention
I figured out how to make amends with my best friend after a nasty argument
I figured out how to say something important to someone.
I found a spirit
I realized that I need to love more and show it
I discovered how to make a bookshelf that lights up with movement
I caught someone in a lie
I realized that I could invest the money I was spending on fast food.
I found the best way to get rid of a pimple
He realized that frogs are amphibians and not reptiles.
I found a road behind Mount Diablo in Concord, California

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