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After Covid and Cancer, Couple Finally Gets to Be Married – Thanks to Speedy Robotic Surgery

After the COVID-19 pandemic and cancer twice delayed a young couple’s wedding day, the third time is sure to be a ‘lucky’ charm, thanks to groundbreaking robotic surgery.

Christie’s Cancer Center

Paul Hutchinson will marry his fiancee Lisa Bamforth at St. John’s Church in Lancashire today, following a groundbreaking procedure performed at a Manchester cancer center, The Christie.

Considered the first of its kind in the UK, it allowed the boyfriend diagnosed with testicular cancer to come to church, finally.

The traditional treatment for her cancer, which spread to the abdominal lymph nodes, would have involved major abdominal surgery that required intensive care, a seven-day hospital stay and a recovery time of several months.

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Paul was considered a good candidate for pioneering robotic treatment involving keyhole surgery, led by a surgeon and performed by intricate robotic machinery.

His just 48-hour hospital stay and a recovery at home of just a few weeks allowed Paul to prepare for the big day with his fiancee and two daughters.

“I really didn’t think we could go through with the wedding because I was convinced it wouldn’t be good enough,” Paul said. The Christie. “The incredible robotic operation has dramatically reduced my recovery time and left me feeling good and fit.”

The veteran can also return to his job as an engineer in a few weeks, making the honeymoon the only other consideration.

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Lisa says she struggled to hold back tears when the surgeon called to inform her of the success of the procedure.

“I am so relieved that Paul’s surgery is complete and that he has had the opportunity to be treated in this incredible way. The news that she needed this operation, after successfully undergoing chemotherapy and surgery in 2014, came completely out of nowhere and we thought we would have to cancel the wedding again.

“It is going to be the most special day of all and I am looking forward to celebrating at the reception with our family and friends.”

“This will actually be our third attempt to get married, as COVID has contributed to us having to rearrange everything.”

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Aziz Gulamhusein, Urology and Robotics Surgeon at The Christie, said: “This was a first for The Christie as we employed our state-of-the-art robotic equipment to assist us with the precision required for a complex procedure as needed for cancer. of Paul “.

“To be involved in such a highly specialized procedure using the latest technology is an amazing achievement for the team.”

Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for metastatic testicular cancer is a frequently performed procedure at The Christie. Due to the position of these lymph nodes deep in the abdomen, the operation is traditionally performed through a large open incision with associated side effects.

Christie has one of the largest robotic centers in the UK and the aim is to use that experience and knowledge to enable more patients to potentially undergo this minimally invasive surgery to treat metastatic testicular cancer. The robot offers a highly magnified 3D view with intricate instrument dexterity to ensure careful removal of cancerous nodes while preserving nerves and offering improved recovery with a much shorter convalescence.

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