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Oh For Crying Out Loud

Oh for crying out loud

March 13, 2021– “Death has been visiting my life a lot in this last year. During those times, I have often heard the well-known poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye, ‘Don’t stop at my grave and cry.’ This morning, while I was laying on the bed, I began to name my deceased loved ones in my mind, remembering their sweet faces and silently speaking their names one by one. This is one of the ways I honor them and deal with their absence. In the middle of that family ritual, ‘I heard’ a different voice speaking in my mind. Here’s what it was saying … “Barbara Mcafee shares more in this heartfelt piece, which includes her song,” Oh For Crying Out Loud. ” (540 reads)

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To take actionHow open do you feel to your own experiences of pain? For more inspiration, see “Pain as Deep Activism” by Francis Weller. [more]



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