SinfulColors Essenchills Scented Nail Polishes Smell as Good as They Look | Review

All in all, my manicure looked good. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever had a chip-free manicure for long, even with gel polish, so I experienced normal chips as I usually would throughout the week. While the scent of the polish was superb when I first painted, after the topcoat, it was hardly noticeable. Without a topcoat, you can get a slightly longer-lasting scent — about one to two days, according to Dratch — before it fades away. 

These scents may not be long-lasting, but the super-cute manicure you get from them is worth it, in my opinion. But still, I was curious: What happened from the bottle to my nails that I could only smell the scent on my fingers? 

A nail polish typically contains solvents, like butyl acetate and ethyl acetate — which is what creates that distinct nail-polish scent — and a polymer like nitrocellulose, cosmetic chemist Ginger King explains. “The fragrances are embedded in the polymer, and once the solvents, butyl acetate, or ethyl acetate evaporates, the fragrance is released,” says King, who was also able to try the polishes. “The scent does not linger, though.”

Though they don’t last, King was impressed by the gorgeous shades and felt that the scents “are right on the description.” If the scent was too strong, King says, it could potentially cause a headache. “SinfulColors gives a good user experience, so instead of smelly solvent, it enhances the user experience with a subtle scent,” she says. “It’s well-done, not to mention the pricing is ridiculously low.”

Speaking of pricing, SinfulColors kept these polishes affordable at $2, which I love. You can head on over to target.com to get one of these beautiful nine shades for yourself. 

SinfulColors Essenchills Nail Polish

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