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Nigerian Houses Being Built From Plastic Bottles – 12x Stronger Than Brick And Earthquake Strong

YouTube / Al Jazeera

Homes are being built in Nigeria from a latticework of discarded plastic bottles filled with sand, offering lower prices and greener construction methods for rural villages.

In addition to being able to withstand both earthquakes and bullets, the raw materials are essentially free and their collection provides much-needed relief from the rubbish accumulated along the roads.

Discarded plastic bottles can be found on almost any square mile on Earth, and in Nigeria, one of the most populous African countries, there are enough to create sustainable construction businesses.

Technology called bottle-brick, Al jazeera reports that they are 18 times stronger than normal bricks.

In the central state of Kaduna, the brains behind the project employ out-of-school or unemployed youth who fill bottles with sand before stacking them in the middle of a traditional mud technology glue and securing the outside with a net. The result seems quite surprising and can cost a third less than traditional homes in the region.

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Up to 14,000 plastic bottles will go towards building a house, and the company hopes to present the project to the Nigerian government to obtain additional funds and expand the company.

(LOOK the Al Jazeera video on this story below).

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