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Mom Uses Positivity to Teach Others about Self love and Physical Fitness

Natalie Hillegass, a mother of two, teaches other moms about positivity and self-love through fitness. Natalie, known as Positive Fit Mama on Instagram, shows busy moms how to exercise with quick and effective workout routines. Mothers always put their families first, and their own needs often take a backseat. However, Natalie teaches them that they can still make time for themselves no matter how hectic life is.

In addition to posting some of her workouts on Instagram, she also sells 12-week programs designed just for moms.

  • Postpartum Program: This program designed for new moms helps to “reconnect [you] with your deep core, heal your pelvic floor and learn how to adapt fitness to the demands of motherhood. “The workouts only include your own body weight and resistance bands, and can be performed in 30 minutes 3 times a week. Natalie it also includes information about diastasis recti, such as how to heal and check for it.
  • HIIT at Home: This 12-week program also uses resistance bands and body weight, and includes 3 30-minute workouts per week. Designed to increase your stamina and confidence, HIIT will give you a great workout in no time.
  • Dumbbell Boot Camp – If you have two or more sets of dumbbells at home, you will benefit from this program. It will help you get stronger and more toned in just 12 weeks, and improve your overall fitness. You will also need resistance bands, and like the other programs, you will complete 3 30-minute workouts per week.

The cost of all Natalie’s training programs also includes the following benefits:

  • videos of each movement and modifications
  • additional weekly challenges for even more results
  • weekly goals and affirmations to help you with positive thinking and make lasting changes in your lifestyle
  • emails from Natalie to help you with responsibility, encouragement and support
  • monthly fitness tests to track your progress

Natalie says she originally got in shape for her wedding because she wanted to lose weight and feel good for the big day. However, she said that after having her daughter 5 years ago, the more important trip it started. Natalie realized that self love and care they involve much more than physical fitness. She understood the importance of mental wellness and positive thinking, and wanted to help others discover this as well.

Help moms learn to love fitness and themselves

“I help moms to find confidence now, to feel good now, to love themselves now, on the path to their goals, so by the time you reach your goals, that’s just the icing on the cake.”

In other words, it shows people how to love and enjoy who they are now rather than waiting for the future to accept themselves. It teaches people to work with what they have and that they deserve their own love as much as anyone else.

Natalie went on to say that her own journey of self-love and fitness inspired her to love the body she has now. She still strove to achieve her goals, but from a place of love, not hatred for her current state of mind or body. It becomes so much easier to achieve fitness goals, or anything else, when you start with support and love for yourself. It all starts in our own minds and in how we choose to see ourselves.

Natalie says it’s about adding things to her life rather than restricting it. “I refuse to raise my daughter in a household that talks negatively about bodies, where I just eat celery, while she eats potato chips,” she says. She doesn’t judge her worth based on what size she wears or how she looks, and she also teaches her daughter body positivity.

“I ended up finding so much freedom. I found food that felt good, I found movements that felt good, I found a sense of confidence that I didn’t know was possible. “

Final Thoughts on Using Positivity to Teach Self-Love and Fitness

You can really feel the positivity and love emanating from their videos, and this inspires other moms to achieve their goals. They see that Natalie finds time to exercise and take care of herself, and they know that they can transform their lives in the same way. She finds much joy in helping moms rediscover themselves and feel good in their skin once again.

Natalie loves it when other moms realize that they are a priority not only in their families, but in their own lives. “And that’s not only a priority in her family, but by becoming a priority in her family, her family is better because of it.” If you fill your cup first, you can give more to others, which is what Natalie hopes mothers will remember. Self-love and caring are not selfish, they are necessary to have enough to share with others.

“The more mothers who care about themselves, the better this world will be, I guarantee it.”

Her advice to anyone starting their fitness journey is to have an addition, not a restriction mindset. In other words, look at all the positivity that will come from treating yourself as a priority. And be kind to yourself

What fruits and vegetables do you like to eat and want to eat more of? What kind of movement makes your body feel good and your heart feel joyful? Do that! “Basically, he is saying to view healthy eating and exercise as an act of self-love. These habits are not something to fear. Remember all the benefits and positivity that will come from transforming your life and making love options for your body, mind and family.

“So love who you are, find a way to love who you are, analyze it,” says Natalie. “Begin with kindness, sympathy, and respect, and eventually you will come to love.”

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