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Father and Daughter Put Cicadas Into Cute Poses for Fun Photos in Virginia

Members of Generation X are people born between 1965 and 1980. There are approximately 65.2 million of them in the United States. Brood Xers are also native to the United States, but this year, you can expect a population of about a billion of them to show up in backyards on swaths of the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

Did we mention that they are insects?

Since this year’s large batch of Brood X cicadas is of the 17-year-old variety, keeping the mother underground for nearly two decades, lurking to emerge and mate, accompanied by an exuberant and sometimes deafening chorus that it would have made Beethoven proud. they’re getting quite a bit of media attention.

“This is a real treat. This is an unusual biological phenomenon. Periodic cicadas only occur in the eastern United States; they do not occur anywhere else in the world,” said entomologist Eric Day of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the extension from the State University. CNN. “It’s going to be an incredibly big show.”

But the ubiquitous swarms of insects aren’t just making the news – with a little help from a few friends, they’re actually taking over the internet.

The Fairfax, Virginia father-daughter team of Scott and Ellie Kanowitz has created a series of increasingly complex humorous vignettes starring happy media insects interacting with a variety of toy accessories.

Scott and Ellie Kanowitz

They admit that the only downside to gently using live insect actors was that they didn’t always take direction well.

“Posing and building increasingly elaborate schemes to try to get them to sit still and learn about cicadas was really exciting,” Scott said. WTOP News. “I think one thing we learned was that they don’t like to skateboard.”

Scott and Ellie Kanowitz

“It was fun trying to get them to stand still and pick them up,” added 11-year-old Ellie. “I want to put them in more cars and more miniature things.”

It is certainly the type of family project that sparks creativity, but it will last short. The life cycle of the cicada on the surface lasts only a few weeks.

Of course, the Kanowitz team could always try a sequel …

Coming soon to a device near you! The Locust Zombie Apocalypse 2021! “They will return!” (Okay, in 17 years.) Have fun! Very funny!

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So, ready to have some fun with some of those cicada poses?

What do you mean, you’ve never seen a cicada eat a hot dog before?

Scott and Ellie Kanowitz

Showing more than a little athletic prowess on the tarmac …

Scott and Ellie Kanowitz

Turns out, those huge compound eyes are good at detecting crime …

Scott and Ellie Kanowitz

And for driving your sweet motor boat to the beach.

Scott and Ellie Kanowitz

Move, Ratatouille… It’s time for the sequel: Cicadatouille.

Scott and Ellie Kanowitz

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