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Creativity and COVID-19

January 18, 2021– “In some recent discussions with friends who are also creative, I have heard a variety of responses to the question, ‘How has Covid-19 affected your creativity?’. Some have been inspired to create new jobs. Others have talked about a Fallow year. It’s a term we rarely hear in a culture dedicated to, or rather obsessed with, constant productivity. Take agribusiness, for example: every acre and every creature must perform at its best all the time, even if that’s unnatural. Nature works in cycles, and a part of that is rest, which leads to renewal. Traditionally, that was the way people understood cultivation: “And six years you will sow your land, and reap its fruit; but the seventh year you will let it rest and fallow … “Mirka Knaster shares more in this thoughtful essay.15 readings)

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To take actionReflect yourself on the question: How has the pandemic affected your creativity?


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