ManiMe’s Gel Toenail Stickers Transformed My At-Home Pedicures | Review

Typically, during the fall and winter seasons, I’m not as diligent about painting my toenails. But due to the pandemic, even my summertime pedicures became a thing of the past. This wasn’t just because the salons were closed; frankly, staying at home made me unmotivated to take on the task myself. But after a while, I realized that I did miss my painted toes and wanted a quick and easy way to do them at home, so I looked to press-on toenails.

As a self-proclaimed press-on nail queen, I already have a few favorites for what I use for my fingers and knew where to start looking — but toes were new territory. I was excited the moment I got the nails in the mail. Unfortunately, when I applied the first set I discovered I have something that made press-on pedicures nearly impossible: long toenails.

No, I don’t exactly have talons on my feet — in fact, they’re a pretty regular size and shape, if you ask me — but my nails are too long for the sizing options offered in standard kits from brands like Kiss and Dashing Diva. I thought I was doomed to wait out the pandemic with paintless toenails (because realistically, I won’t be painting them myself) until I discovered that ManiMe, the instant gel manicure service, also has a pedicure option: PediMe.

Now, if you’ve used the Best of Beauty-winning ManiMe’s service before, then this process won’t be new to you. But for newcomers, here’s the basic system: You create an account, take and upload pictures of your nails, and choose the design(s) you want. The brand uses 3D technology to create custom gel stickers that adhere to your nail’s shape, no matter how unique or long. 

To take the photos, you place your toes on a card the size of a credit card or ID, ensure that all five nails are shown clearly, and take a snap. While it’s a pretty simple process in theory, I struggled a bit to elongate the toes on my right foot and get a good photo, though I eventually succeeded. 

After my photos were uploaded, it was time to pick my designs. The brand has over 50 options (with more on the way), including solid colors, like the fiery red Scarlet or dark brown That’s Deep, and supercute printed designs, like the tropical Pineapple Colada. I picked a few solid shades, and then waited for the stickers to arrive. Each set comes with 15 nail stickers (10 for your toes and five extra), a miniature nail file, and an alcohol prep pad. 

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