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95-Year-old Widowers Who Found Love in the Time of COVID Get Married

With social distancing and limited face-to-face interaction, dating in the time of the coronavirus has proven to be a challenge for everyone, but when Cupid’s dart struck a pair of energetic nonagenarians, they refused to say no to love.

When John Shults, a twice widower, met Joy Morrow-Nulton, who had also lost two previous spouses, he knew he was in love, and the feeling was mutual. Unfortunately, it seemed as if the pandemic was conspiring to keep would-be lovers apart.

While it took some effort, the upstate New York couple continued to pursue their mutual attraction despite COVID-19 shelter-in-place protocols. “She was worth it. However, it was a pain in the neck, “joked John. Steve Hartman from CBS during a segment of In the path.

Finally, after receiving their vaccinations and the restrictions being lifted, the couple was finally able to return to the dating business. The more time they spent together, the stronger their bond grew until John, who was an old-fashioned gentleman, finally proposed to her.

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Joy accepted. When the couple married in a recent ceremony, both the bride and groom were 95 years old.

In traditional romance sagas, the burly hero and the brave heroine must face a series of obstacles before finally reaching their happy ending. For John and Joy, it didn’t take being young or handsome to find true love, but being brave certainly paid off.

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When asked what was the key to the successful romance of his father and his new stepmother, Shults’s son Pete, he had a ready answer: “Perseverance,” he told Hartman. “They would call every day. They would find a way to meet. They did whatever it took. “

Proving that if you have the courage to follow your heart, you are never too old to say, “Yes, I do!”

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