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9 Eco Deals For This Earth Day

First celebrated 51 years ago, on April 22, Earth Day was a holiday born out of civic mindedness, meant to celebrate nature in all its glorious forms and take a rotation of the Earth to give something back to it.

Sustainability wasn’t as much of a buzzword then as it is now, and it’s unlikely that an Earth Day sale featured recycled rugs or offers to buy a plant in the ’70s.

Today, however, Earth Day has a whole new connotation, as caring for our rock is becoming more important than ever.

This year GNN He went out and found great deals to splurge responsibly – ways to pamper yourself, your wallet, and the planet.

1: Buy-1 Plant-5 in Recycled Smartphone Cases

A pair of 100% biodegradable smartphone cases made by plants are a great way to cut down on plastic pollution. Incipio manufactures these cases for all Samsung and Apple phones, and for Earth Day they have partnered with Eden reforestation offer customers a way to allow their consumer spending to help regenerate the biosphere.

Throughout the month of April, Incipio will increase its donation from one tree to five trees for each Organicase sold, contributing to reforestation in places like Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, among others.

2: plan the greenest funeral possible

Forests in better places

While the celebration of Earth Day is not when most people imagine planning their funeral, Better Place Forests allows people to leave a conservation legacy by reserving a memorial tree in their unique “forest preserves.” commemorative “.

At a fraction of the cost of a normal funeral service, a tree can be reserved in some of the most beautiful forests in the country, around which the ashes can be scattered. The costs of the service go towards preserving the forest at the highest possible level forever.

Forests in better places partners with the nonprofit One Tree Planted to help reforest America. For each memorial tree reserved, Better Place Forests plants between 25 and 400 impact trees, in honor of the client, in areas that have been affected by deforestation or wildfires. This month, in honor of Earth Month, Better Place Forests will be looking to plant an additional 25-50 impact trees for each person who schedules a tour with them before Earth Day.

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3: An American Christmas Classic: A Mattress Sale

My green mattress

My Green Mattress stared when a mattress manufacturer wanted to design a superior mattress for his son who suffered from eczema and allergies. They now offer certified organic mattresses made from organically grown materials and responsibly sourced.

Right now they are offering $ 100 off a double or larger mattress, with the coupon code posted on their website.

4: Those ocean plastic bracelets


The famous bracelet maker that pulls plastic out of the ocean offers a special Earth Day bracelet. Along with a nonprofit organization that plants coastal trees, the standard offering of one pound of marine litter for each bracelet sold also includes a $ 1 donation for tree planting.

His limited edition bracelet comes with two charms, one for 4Ocean and the other for SeaTrees, the nonprofit organization, and has green accounts in addition to blue ones.

GNN Highlights 4Ocean’s efforts last year, when they reached 8 million pounds of diverted ocean litter, to try to show that this brand is really making a big difference.

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5: Tentree: seriously sustainable

The money it costs to be a seriously sustainable fashion company can almost be recouped on the demand for the cultural capital of responsible consumerism. So we chose the most sustainable fashion brand we could find and created a company that uses recycled wood pulp, hemp, organic cotton and polyester, and only recycled packaging materials.

Tentree’s Fashion staples also plant trees for every one sold, which has so far translated to 55 million planted. Every purchase you make comes with a code that you can enter their website to see where in the world your trees were planted.

Throughout the month of April they are supporting projects of other sustainable brands in addition to offering great savings on their items, and if you use the promotional code SAPLINGS10, you will get an additional 10% discount.

6: using clouds

Soft service clothing

Made from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles and organic cotton, Soft service clothing Hoodies and joggers get rave reviews that say the same thing: it’s like wearing a cloud.

Supposedly as soft as a baby chinchilla, all of their products are ethically produced in sweatshop-free manufacturing environments, and the materials are sourced in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way that is free from harsh chemicals.

7: walk the earth

Earth Shoes does things differently in the world of footwear. They use non-toxic water-based adhesives on all of their shoes and packaging. They also remove chemicals in your tanning process, using plant tannins instead.

They also help reforest the Earth, through their partner, which has so far planted more than 1.7 million trees.

Sorry guys this Earth Day Sale It is only for girls, but you can get up to 50% discount on a wide variety of footwear, from boots to sandals.

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8: A new linen closet

Simply organic bamboo

Simply Organic Bamboo sheets, bedspreads, blankets, duvets and towels are a great way to give your bedroom a sustainable spring cleaning. Bamboo grows extremely fast and stores little carbon, making it perfect for many different uses, including bedding.

Naturally antibacterial, softer than cotton and better at staying cool overnight, it’s a great alternative to less sustainable options.

They I have a deal now where the coupon code: CUDDLY gets you half a bamboo blanket if you buy one.

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9: K cups that reward you

While K cups and Nespresso pods are convenient for making a hot cup of coffee, they are not easily recyclable and just generate much more waste than normal brewing. However, with an association with TerracycleAs a world leader in recycling complex waste streams, you can not only ensure your morning coffee doesn’t get added to landfills, but also actively contribute to important causes.

Don Francisco’s coffee it’s delicious, and if you buy their K-cup and Nespresso capsules, either directly or through Amazon, they’ll give you a prepaid shipping label at Mail them all your coffee capsule wasteand earn points for donations to charities of your choice.

Plus, if you use the code EARTH20, you’ll save 20% on your coffee orders.

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