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Man Returns $10k to Guy Who Left the Cash on His Bumper – And Was Given the Most Surprising Reward

Would you trade $ 10,000 for a jar of applesauce? Unless the Golden Delicious apples it was made from contained chunks of real gold, probably not.

But that’s just the reward a Washington state man received for returning ten of the greats he found by chance on the road to their rightful owner.

Michael King had just taken money out of the bank to cover a commercial debt he had. For whatever reason, he was so distracted that he accidentally left his wallet in his vehicle before starting the engine and heading home.

“I just took the recall that day, and I don’t know what forced me to leave it on the bumper of the truck,” King told the Seattle Times. “… I’m amazed that no one else picked it up. We would have been paralyzed if that amount of money disappeared. “

Meanwhile, Steve Harrison, heading in the opposite direction, noticed something floating in the breeze. Quickly realizing it was effective, he stopped and grabbed it. He also found King’s wallet.

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After entering a Costco parking lot, Harrison counted the loot: one hundred $ 100 bills and three singles for a total of $ 10,003. Although it might have been tempting to use the windfall, Harrison used his own money to pay for his purchases.

His next order of business: locate King and return his funds and wallet.

“I never took the idea of ​​keeping it seriously,” Harrison told the Times. “It is easier to do the right thing. Once I realized there was an ID involved, I knew I would return the money. “

When the two agreed to meet, retired painting contractor King was unable to give Harrison a financial reward. Instead, he traded the found funds for a jar of homemade applesauce, which he told Harrison his family made with love and care.

While that may sound like a very high priced jar of applesauce to some, to us, it is a form of coin that would leave a good taste in anyone’s mouth.

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And King doesn’t stop there with his gratitude. Harrison has been promised home smoked salmon, homemade blackberry jam and many more delights to come.

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