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8 Habits to Help Purge Negativity From Life Once and for All

By now, you probably know what it takes of you to be more positive. Creating a vision board, making positive affirmations, and starting a gratitude journal are part of the plan. However, with all the crazy things going on around him, how can anyone purge negativity and stay on the sunny side of life?

If you classify yourself as a realist, you don’t see the glass as half empty or half full. Rather, he sees it at face value. When you have a mindset based on facts, not faith, it is sometimes difficult to stay positive.

You may be having a great day, but one call from a disgruntled customer can change everything in a minute. Working in customer service has its challenges. It’s easy to see the hostile world around you. when you deal with unhappy people constantly.

How are you supposed to stay positive and purge negativity when you can be the only one with a smile on your face? Fortunately, there are ways to stay optimistic and even rub off on the people you meet every day.

Why You Should Purge Negativity: Positivity Can Be Infectious

Did you know that you can have an impact on the world around you? Take, for example, “Pom-Pom” Pearl. This 89-year-old woman works at her local Arby’s restaurant in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. There is nothing easy about working with fast food and it can be exhausting.

However, “Pom-Pom” Pearl has become a local celebrity. It is her positive outlook and attitude that have had a great impact. When someone asks her how she’s doing, she always replies, “She’s fantastic.”

According to a Pennsylvania news source, Penn Live, “Pom-Pom”, Pearl makes every customer feel welcome. When someone approaches the counter to place an order, wave a pom pom like a cheerleader welcoming them. Each person also receives their joyous cry that says, “Welcome to Arby’s!”

People love her so much that they come to this restaurant to see her. If he leaves, the manager is bombarded with questions about his whereabouts. Most people his age would be content to stay home, relax, and do some yard work. No Pearl! You want to make a difference and spread positivity.

Eight Simple Ways To Eliminate Negativity From Your Life Once And For All

How can you change the world around you? You can start by lighting the corner where you are. Here are some ways to purge negativity and adopt a positive mindset.

1. Make time for stillness every day

You start each morning with a bang. You get out of bed, run to the bathroom to take care of your daily toilet, and run out the door. Everything in life has become so rushed.

If you don’t take the time to enjoy stillness from time to time, you will be overwhelmed by the worries of life. Sometimes you need sit quietly and enjoy the peace and quiet. It doesn’t happen often, so learn to enjoy these moments.

2. Practice gratitude to purge negativity

One of the most practical and effective ways to improve positivity is to practice gratitude. It is interesting to realize that gratitude cannot coexist with stress.

Every day, strive to have three things you are grateful for in your life. When you are satisfied with what the Universe has blessed you with, more will be entrusted to you.

3. Restrict your media consumption

Social media and technology have become an important part of her life. However, it would be helpful if you set restrictions on your sanity. For example, don’t watch the news before going to bed.

While most people like to listen to the nightly news, this can make you more prone to nightmares and unpleasant dreams. Also, when you don’t get enough sleep, it’s hard to be happy and cheerful the next day. Social media is another thing you should limit.

You can scroll through the videos on social media and two hours later wonder where the time went. Fake news sells, according to NBC News. They recently did a survey to determine how quickly the truth rather than made-up content spreads.

Surprisingly, the truth took six times longer to reach the masses, while the lies spread like wildfire. People hide behind the computer screen and create content that attracts others. So, before you get down on social media, you may want to examine the content that you create.

Do you know what is better than living behind a phone or a computer screen? You’ll find more satisfaction when you adopt a pet, volunteer in your community, and do something to help someone in need.

4. Give positive precedence, not negative

Everyone has negativity in their life, but what counts is what they choose to focus on. For example, it may be pouring rain outside with thunder and lightning; however, you don’t have to focus on the storms around you. Rather, focus on the fact that you have been blessed with a warm, dry home where you don’t feel the effects of the rain.

Some people don’t have a place to comfortably lay their heads, and some people call a tent or cardboard box home. Focus on the here and now and what is happening in your world. Stop being overwhelmed by the big picture and put your mind on positive things.

5. Stand firm as you act to purge negativity

Keeping your feet on the ground is really a matter of discipline. How can you be positive for others if you don’t practice self-love? If you want things in your life to be positive, you must be optimistic.

It is a simple concept that makes sense. There are people in your life who have been tested and faithful to you; spend your time with them. Your happiness is your job and no one else can do it for you. Therefore, focus your time and efforts on being happy, joyous, and enjoyable.

6. Change the way you speak to more positive language

Use rational self-talk is the key to staying optimistic. Everyone talks to themselves, and what counts is what they say out loud and inside their mind. Think of it this way; You are the most important person you talk to every day!

If you speak negatively and critically to yourself, you will lose motivation and become unproductive. However, if you communicate with confidence and determination, you will be productive. The way you talk to yourself will ultimately affect your behavior.

7. Choose a simple life

Many people drain their minds and bodies because they try to “keep up with the Jones family.” Have you seen the movement of the tiny house? People are forgoing luxurious homes for small portable homes with less than 600 square feet of living space.

While it may seem impossible to live in such a small home, many say the trade-off is worth it. They don’t have to work as hard, their carbon footprint is drastically reduced, and their life is simplified further. Small isn’t for everyone, but you can use some of these tips and tricks to help you keep it simple.

What are you doing in your life that is unnecessary? Are you a slave to a house or a car that won’t matter when you leave? Material possessions matter remarkably little, but the time you spend with your friends and family will create memories that will be here long after you are gone.

8. Develop a code of conduct for your life

What is a code of conduct? These are the foundations and morale that you are building on, and you often see these rules or guidelines listed in a company. This code defines you, and it is a “Bible” for you to live.

In a company, they develop a code of conduct to help their employees. Here is a family example. Walmart customers can only return without a receipt three times in 90 days. If a consumer tries to make it more than the allocated amount, the refund will be denied.

This code of conduct helps this establishment keep prices low. People often go to other stores and get products to return on credit at this great chain of stores. The constant theft and fraud in the returns section is astronomical, so this code of conduct provides employees with guidance.

What rules can you set for your life to improve it? When do you say enough is enough and how do you eliminate negativity by using your code for a living? Create healthy guidelines for you to live in, and change your way of thinking.

Final thoughts on ways to purge negativity

If you want to remove negativity from your life, you must remove toxic people who rent space within your mind. You have to raise the rent and kick them out! All the people and things that make you pessimistic can have a dramatic impact.

Still, circumstances can also be to blame for negativity, so you need to be careful what you eat each day. The whole world around you can fall apart, but if you develop the right mindset, the sun can shine in your forest area.

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