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20 Positivity Statements to Help Recover from Lost Love

When trying to recover from a lost love, you may sometimes have a hard time changing your mind. Your negative emotions may take over or you may get angry with yourself. If this is the case for you, these positive statements can help you recover.

It’s normal to be sad after experiencing lost love, and there is no time frame for your healing process. However, keep living your life and carry on even in the midst of sadness.

20 positivity statements to help you recover from lost love

These positive statements will help you remember everything you have to live for. They can help you see what to focus on, which will help you recover sooner.

1. I am strong and confident, and I know that I will recover from this.

You can overcome anything as long as you remember how strong you are. Stay confident and remember that you are a great person no matter what. Keep your head up and use this affirmation whenever you need a reminder.

2. I am filling my life with positivity as I work to recover.

When a negative thought creeps in, replace it with a positive one. However, changing your mindset is much easier after you have repeated this affirmation of positivity. Repeat the affirmation every morning and it will help you find all the good in your life.

When you acknowledge the positives in your day, it will help you with your recovery process. You will find little moments of joy throughout the day, reminding you that the world will go on and so will you.

3. I am open to all the new opportunities available to me.

When you’ve lost love, it’s hard to pay attention to all the new possibilities you have now. As part of a couple, there are likely things that you couldn’t do before and that you can do now. Instead of wallowing in thoughts of what you lost, seek out new experiences that weren’t an option before.

4. I am healing and rediscovering myself when I start over.

As you work to recover from a lost love, focus on rediscovering yourself. You are continually changing, so now that you have alone time, rediscover who you are and who you want to be. Take time to reflect and improve yourself so that you are ready for anything when the time comes. or

5. I appreciate the special people who are still with me.

Just because a person has left your life does not mean that you are alone. Use this statement to think of all the special people who did not leave your life. You are surrounded by love and you don’t need a partner to reaffirm that fact.

6. I love myself no matter what happened.

It can be easy to blame yourself when your love is over, but it shouldn’t be. Everything happens the way it’s supposed to, so don’t beat yourself up for things you can’t control. No matter what the situation is, carry on love yourself and taking care of their wants and needs.

7. I am worthy and offer special things to the people in my life.

Regardless of what others say, you are worthy and valuable to those in your life. People who care about you see what you bring to the relationship and they love having you in their life. Don’t let one person make you feel like you’re not good enough.

8. I live in the present and I enjoy the people and things in my life.

By focusing on the present, you are helping yourself recover from lost love. When you stop thinking about your pain and anguish, you can re-experience the joy and embrace each moment.

Living in the present will help you see that your life is more than what you lost. Plus, it will remind you that you have a lot to go on living for. Don’t let yourself be completely consumed with your lost love, and instead focus on making the present a happy experience.

9. I am giving myself the love I deserve.

You can’t always count on someone else loving you the way you deserve, but you can count on yourself. Use this statement as a motivator for self-love and self-care because you deserve it.

10. I choose to live happily, even as I work to heal myself.

Your life doesn’t have to be perfect for you to live happily. Even while you are hurting and trying to heal, you can still find things to be happy about.

Choose happiness over all other emotions and do whatever you can to bring moments of joy into your life. You are in control of your feelings, so you are the only one who can choose to rise above sadness.

11. I am turning this situation into a positive experience.

Even if it initially seems like a negative experience, you can swap it for a positive one. By thinking of all the things you can do now, you’ve already started the process. Think of the experience as an opportunity to focus your time and energy on becoming a better version of yourself.

If you think about everything you can do to improve yourself, you will see how the situation can be favorable. Once you find your true love, you probably won’t have this full time for self-improvement again, so take advantage now.

Also, another positive aspect is that now you know that this love was not for you. With that knowledge, you can recognize that the right person is still available to you. Now that it is available for when they enter your life, you can think more positively.

12. I will find true love, but I have to be patient.

When you feel like you will never recover, repeat this positive affirmation. It will help you remember that you will find true love when the time is right. In the meantime, continue to be patient and use this affirmation to help you recover.

13. I am putting all my energy into the things that are going well in my life.

Instead of wasting your energy on the negative aspects of your life, change your thought process. Put that energy to good use by encouraging things that go well. Putting your energy into those things will change your priorities and heal faster.

14. I know there is someone out there who will love me just the way I am.

If you’ve ever thought that you should change who you are, use this statement. There would be nothing wrong with you, even if the person you lost didn’t see your worth.

Someone will appreciate you just the way you are. Be true to yourself and the perfect partner for you will come when the time is right.

15. I love myself more every day.

Use this positive affirmation each morning as you prepare for the day. Making it a daily habit will manifest it, and you will find that your self-love really grows more each day. With self-love, you will recover from your lost love and move forward happily.

16. I have inner peace and this loss will not break me.

The more often you repeat this, the more accurately it will apply to your life. If you convince yourself that you are experiencing inner peace, it will come true. With inner peace, you are strong enough to overcome and your loss cannot break you.

17. I am healing and accept the changes that occur within me.

As you repeat this, visualize emotional healing. With affirmations and visualization, your recovery process will be much easier.

When you accept the changes in your life, you can turn them into positive experiences that improve your life in the long run. Do not miss the opportunity to start over and profitable.

18. I recognize the beauty and excitement that a new beginning brings.

While endings aren’t always happy, you can use this statement to change your mindset. Instead of thinking of it as an ending, think of it as a new beginning. Now you can do what you want and work towards your dreams and goals without interference.

Also, you can go to new places and meet new people. There’s a whole world out there, so look for the little glimpses of beauty and embrace the excitement.

19. I am releasing the things that I cannot control.

You cannot control the way another person feels. When you experience lost love, you must release them so that you can begin to recover. You can only control yourself, so do everything you can to move on and improve your life.

20. I am strong and will not give up.

Some days will be more difficult than others, but you cannot give up. Even on the most challenging days, you must find the motivation to move on and live your life. Use this statement to encourage yourself to keep fighting.

Final thoughts on how to remember these positivity statements to help you heal from lost love

While lost love is hard to get over, you can get back on it. Using these positivity statements It will help you get there faster and heal more effectively. Also, you will remember to use this time as a beneficial experience rather than letting it go to waste.

When you find yourself struggling, remember the affirmations that resonated with you the most. Repeat them every morning or whenever you need a boost of positivity in your life.

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