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Woody the Cockatiel Enjoys Her Hawaiian Adventures

Woody the cockatoo lives in beautiful Hawaii with his humans Nika and Antonio. Live a pretty unconventional life for a pet bird, exploring and connecting with nature. His parents seem to enjoy adventures even more with their adorable cockatoo on their shoulder. Nika loves taking pictures of her excursions and from the looks of it they are a happy, outdoorsy family.

“I’d say the thing I like to do with Woody the most is take her on outdoor adventures. I’m a photographer, so I spend a lot of time outdoors exploring new places, ”says Nika. “I love being able to take this girl to some of my favorite places, so she can also enjoy the beauty of Hawaii.”

Meet the Hawaiian cockatoo

Woody the Pied Cockatiel lives on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. He has been to waterfalls, beaches, hikes through forests and jungles, and has seen many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

“I think she really enjoys it, so it’s a perfect little bonding experience for us,” says Nika.

Since cockatoos are very sociable and curious birds, they love spending time with their owners. They’re gentle, sweet, and friendly, and they definitely have their own quirky sense of humor! On Woody’s Instagram page, his mother jokingly put “Yellow but not soft” in his bio. That should give you an idea of ​​the great personality of this little bird.

She can be loud at times, but her sweet nature easily makes up for her mischievous ways. Cockatoos are known to be feisty yet tender and docile at the same time. They are an animal of many extremes and contradictions, but they make wonderful pets. In fact, it is one of the most popular pet birds in the world.

Cockatoos are very affectionate, affectionate animals and they need a lot of attention. Unlike some birds, they don’t really like spending a lot of time alone.

Woody lives his best life going on adventures in Hawaii

“Something that I think is very cute about Woody is that he almost always wants to hang out with us. If we’re on the couch watching TV, she will fly from her position and just sit on or near us, ”says Nika. “Some days Woody’s dad works long hours, so he comes home very tired and passes out on the carpet. As soon as he falls asleep, she will fly to him and start. nap with him or with him, and I think that’s the most beautiful thing ever. “

When Woody is not cuddling, napping, or adventuring with his parents, he loves to have his head scratched and he takes a shower! Yes, you read it correctly. Woody looks forward to bath time as much as humans do, and it seems like he really relaxes her.

“She loves to bathe, so we will take her to the shower with us. As soon as he sees the jet of water, he will close his eyes and start to move his head from side to side until he takes it under the water, ”explains Nika.

Cockatoos are excruciatingly cute, but they require a lot of attention and effort. As with any pet, you need to make sure you are ready before adopting one. Although, if you’ve never had a bird before, cockatoos are great for beginners due to their sociable and gentle natures. Although they belong to the parrot family, they are much quieter than large parrots and only emit soft chirps.

As for food, they require a diet high in pellets and relatively low in vegetables and seeds. Your diet should consist of approximately 70-80% granules, 10-30% vegetables or fruit and 5% of sweets (including seeds). While the seeds are natural in a bird’s diet, they are high in fat, so they shouldn’t be eaten frequently.

They also require an enclosure large enough to comfortably spread and flap their wings. Make sure you have different sized perches and various toys in his cage as well. Cockatoos are food-seeking birds, so toys help with mental stimulation. Finally, like any pet, you will want to take them for an annual visit to the vet and stay up-to-date on vaccinations.

Some basic facts about cockatoos

Average life expectancy: 6-20 years
Color: gray, white and yellow.
Family: Cockatoo
Origins: Australia
Sounds: whistles
Weight: just over 1 oz (30-40 g)
Size: about 12-14 long
Sleep: about 14 hours a day
Diet: herbivore

Since cockatoos are social animals, it is a good idea to get two birds if you are away for long periods of time. This way, they won’t get depressed from lack of interaction. Also, if you don’t like a lot of noise, adopt a female cockatoo instead of a male. In the wild, females are calmer and males use their voice to attract a mate.

In general, cockatoos make wonderful and relatively inexpensive pets, but they do need your attention. If you want to adopt one, check with your local pet store.

Final thoughts: Woody the cockatiel is living his best life in Hawaii

Woody the cockatoo lives quite an exciting life compared to most domesticated birds. Instead of spending the entire day in your cage indoors, you can explore the beautiful sights of Hawaii. Since his parents love nature, they thought they would take Woody to explore with them. They even bought him a harness so that he could fly or walk freely without being able to fly.

If you want to get a cockatoo, they are great beginner birds. They are affectionate, sweet, and comical birds, and they will feel like family once you’ve joined them.

“If you are thinking of adding a bird in your family, I highly recommend that you do your research first. Birds are high-energy, require a lot of attention, and quite frankly, they can be very noisy during the day. So if you’re not ready for that, it can be a lot, ”says Nika. “There are certain lifestyle changes that you might have to make. But if you’re ready to make those changes and decide to buy a bird, they make super rewarding pets and great companions. “

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