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Wish You Were Here: Postcards from the Future

I wish you were here: postcards from the future

March 29, 2021– “We invited other artists, people who process the world through creation, to create their own postcards in the face of the naked truths of climate change. We asked them to join us in a written and visual choir for young people. More dear to us and to everyone on Earth, now and in the future. You can see what came out here: intimate and urgent messages written for loved ones and for people we will never meet. Physical objects that can, by themselves, become everything what’s left of the world we know today. Wish You Were Here is a collection of postcards of places dear to people who will never know them. ” (217 reads)

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To take actionConsider the questions that the creators of this poignant project ask the people of this Earth, “What will you miss? What will you sing about?”


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