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What’s the Key to Raising Confident Kids? Here’s What the Majority of Parents Say…

82% of parents make a concerted daily effort to build confidence in their children, according to a new survey.

A survey of 1,000 parents of school-age children found that 47% said they make sure that they are a good example of confidence for their children.

And 54% inspire confidence in their children by allowing them to do things for themselves.

The study, conducted by OnePoll together with Stokke, which aimed to determine how parents approach their parenting habits and found that 73% said that seeing their children show confidence makes them feel like they have mastered their parenting skills.

In addition, 74% said that having a close relationship with their children is vital for their children’s confidence.

Parents also hope to increase their children’s overall confidence by celebrating milestones. As mild as it may be, 78% of parents go out of their way to celebrate all those little “firsts.”

From the first time a baby eats solid foods, to his first missing tooth, to graduation from middle and elementary school, parents want to make sure they recognize every moment in their child’s life.

By age five, the average father pressures his children to brush their teeth on their own and pick up their toys without help.

Then, at age six, the average father will allow his children to make their own beds and they will also help with meal preparation.

Seeing their children show confidence for the first time, 62% felt incredibly happy, while 47% couldn’t help but be proud parents.

From listening to their child give a speech in front of a large crowd boldly and confidently to doing their homework on their own, parents will always remember times when their child showed confidence and independence.

However, for one in seven, their children winning independence was bittersweet.

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Beyond raising independent children, parents are encouraging their children to think critically. 79% of those surveyed said they encourage their children to think critically and use logic on a daily basis.

Confidence is one of the best gifts a father can give his child. A child who grows up having faith in his abilities is fearless and ready to face the obstacles that life will bring him, ”said a Stokke spokesperson. “They feel free to pursue their passions. They believe in their dreams, big or small, and have the courage to follow them.

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“When a child is closely related to their parents, the security they feel allows them to go beyond their comfort zone. This allows children to indulge in their natural sense of curiosity, explore and learn. “

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