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What Critically Ill Kids Can Teach Us

What Critically Ill Children Can Teach Us

June 18, 2021– “In 2013, Shay Beider accompanied an anxious child to the office of Dr. Fayez Ghishan, chief physician and pediatric gastroenterologist at Diamond Childrens Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. The child will soon undergo endoscopy, a comprehensive invasive technique to examine the digestive tract. Such procedures could be traumatic for children because they required intravenous placement; nurses often had to chase children down the hall and give them an injection to sedate them. So Beider asked Dr. Ghishan If she could try Integrative Touch Therapy for the Child, one of the many services she pioneered through the nonprofit organization she founded, Integrative Touch for Kids (ITK) .In a matter of minutes, the child was calm. Almost asleep actually. “Oh my gosh,” Dr. Ghishan said, “You must do whatever you do for all my patients!”180 reads)

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