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Treat Yourself to a Free Root Beer Float at A&Ws – One Day Only, No Purchase Necessary


What could be better on a hot summer day than root beer topped with a swirl of soft vanilla ice cream? A root beer float that’s free.

On Friday, August 6, you can enjoy just that, as between 2 and 8 pm, participating A&W restaurants in the US will give away small floats and collect donations for disabled American veterans.

A & W’s National Root Beer Float Day Celebration partners with Disabled American Veterans, and since 2013 the franchise has raised more than $ 800,000 for veteran groups during these float days.

“A&W has a long history of supporting veterans,” said Kevin Bazner, CEO of A&W. in a sentence—And on Friday they hope to raise $ 200,000 for the organization that serves more than a million veterans annually.


America’s first and oldest restaurant chain, A&W, still brews fresh Root Beer at every restaurant with real cane sugar, water, and a proprietary blend of herbs, bark, spices, and berries served in a chilled mug along with hamburgers, fries and chicken fillets. and other favorites.

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For example, we look forward to our complimentary serving of the delicious signature delicacy.

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