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The Patrick Ta and Patrick Starrr Connection | Interview

PT: I am not social-first because I’m a working makeup artist. Usually, I’m traveling, just following artists around the world, and trying to create the next look. COVID [provided] time where I was able to be home and create content. I really realized the power of content and education. 

ALLURE: Did you have a significant moment in your career that took you to the next level?

PT: I think it was the launch week of my brand and the support that I got. It just made me realize that the last six years of my career in Los Angeles were for something. The fact that people showed up for me, people supported me…

PS: He means celebrities. I had never seen that many. Like, trust me, as Patrick Starrr, I’ve seen every single beauty event there is, big and small. His was the biggest.

PT: And even the other day, we went into Sephora and there was this little girl looking at Patrick’s end cap [that’s retail-speak for a product display at the end of an aisle] and he bought her one of everything from his collection. Imagine being on the other side of just being able to feel accepted and feel beautiful and feel all of that. I think that’s why we both started doing makeup.

ALLURE: What would your advice be to nascent beauty founders? 

PS: Like you tell a little kid before crossing the street: “Stop, look, listen.” Be a heavy observer in this industry. There’s always something that’s gonna change. I feel like I’ve been late with the brand because everyone was coming out with brands in 2018, 2019. But what did I do? I stopped, I looked, and I listened, and I feel like I’m proud of what I’ve done this far.

PT: Continue to learn and grow. I definitely have learned a lot from the younger generation. They’re about 10 years younger than me and I’ve never felt so old in my life. [Editor’s note: Um, Ta just turned 30.] I’ll go to some of these [events] with Patrick, and he’s like, “Act young!”

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