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The Clarinet in the Attic


The clarinet in the attic

December 28, 2020– “Pat and Peter went to the doctor’s appointment together. In their eighties, they had been married for over sixty. Pat was a poet; Peter, a retired minister. The specialist confirmed a previous diagnosis: Peter suffered from dementia, cause unknown. Some “brain accident” was stealing his short-term memory. Every ten to fifteen minutes, his mind would reset, and he would lose all memory of what he had experienced in that short period of time. Term memory remained intact, along with his sweet and kind personality, his intelligence and dry wit, his devotion to peace and justice, his love for Pat and his family. But now he was living in a radical present. He could no longer significantly build on the past or anticipating the future. By the time he got home from the doctor’s office, Peter went up to the attic and got his old clarinet. ” Phyllis Cole-Dai shares more in this heartwarming love story. (1 readings)

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To take actionWhat is the ‘clarinet in the attic’ in your life? Will you accept the author’s invitation to download it and play it?



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