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Steelworkers Union is Helping Turn Massive Abandoned Steel Mill into Producer of Wind Turbines

The Sparrows Point shipyard in Maryland, once the world’s largest steel mill, will provide new jobs in Baltimore as a manufacturer of wind turbine parts.

The United Steelworkers (USW) union announced this month that it will partner with US Wind to transform the old steel mill into a manufacturing facility that supports the growth of offshore wind.

US Wind plans to use the site to make the monopile foundations necessary for its offshore wind developments, including its first MarWin project consisting of 22 turbines.

The union is committed to working with the company to recruit and train local workers, while supporting workers’ rights to unionize and bargain collectively.

“The loss of the Sparrows Point steel mill, which once employed thousands of workers, was a major blow to the Baltimore community and to America’s industry as a whole.” saying Tom Conway, USW International President. “Now, we have the opportunity to create the jobs of the future right here in this historic site and make sure they are good union jobs that will once again support families in this region.”

Catalyzed by a 90 Acre Lease Agreement and $ 150 Million Investment by US Wind, the plant is expected to support more than 500 permanent jobs, as well as 3,500 construction jobs to prepare the site.

Welcoming steel to the Sparrows Point Historic Site is truly a full-circle moment that shareholders hope will create a ripple effect of jobs and prosperity to boost Maryland’s post-COVID economy.

“Sparrows Point has always been sacred ground for me and my fellow Steelworkers,” said Jim Strong of USW. “We are delighted to be part of US Wind’s visionary plans to bring steel back to Baltimore, back to this sacred land.”

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