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Remarkable 10-Year-old Inspires the World to Donate Half a Million Books For Kids: ‘A Catalyst’ For Kindness

Orion Jean / Family Photo

A child has a great mission to share the pleasure of reading with hundreds of thousands of other children.

Orion Jean is only 10 years old, but after winning a student kindness contest in 2020, she’s caught the generosity mistake: how many books are you currently hoping to raise in donations for other kids in Texas? Half a million.

“Kindness is a virtue that we can all possess. If we are willing to do it, ”he said. according to CBC. “So why not start today? Because right now, it is what we need more than ever ”.

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Given that he has already collected 120,000 books so far, we believe he could achieve his ambitious goal.

(Clock the CBS video below …)

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