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Please Enjoy My Brow Lamination Before and After Photos | Review

Pre-treatment care is essential — if you love a fake tan, maybe skip it before getting your brows laminated. Brow Stylist and Founder of Brow Code, Melanie Marris explains: “A lot of people might not realize this, but fake tan actually affects the overall result.” It’s also always important to let your eyebrow specialist know of any skin medications you use or of any recent intense facial treatments you undergo before your appointment.

Of course, it was imperative to ask how these salons are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Marris knew many of her clients would ride-or-die for their laminated brows, so she launched an at-home solution with the Brow Code Advanced Lustre Lamination Kit. “Ever since COVID hit, I’ve taken these health measures to the next level, bringing these strict protocols to front-of-house, making sure everyone entering the studios follows the same,” she shares.

Veronica Tran, owner of Toronto-based lash and brow salon Pretty in the City tells Allure that it was always important for them to disinfect all work surfaces (including the chair where her clients sit during services), using one-time disposable supplies when they can, and cleaning and disinfecting tools that are not disposable with a hospital-grade disinfectant. 

In addition to their existing rules, Pretty In The City has added protocols in response to  COVID-19 that are in line with what many other salons have put in place, including providing face masks and hand sanitizer, only allowing one client in at a time, and screening staff members daily. 

Salon protocol may differ depending on your location, so call ahead first if you have questions about COVID-19 safety.

Besides that, there are skin concerns to consider, too. As New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Shari Marchbein previously told Allure, putting these relaxer-type chemicals so close to the delicate skin on your eyelids can cause a major issue. “[That area] is especially prone to irritation, so harsh chemicals from this brow lamination could cause eczema, which is characterized by red, dry, itchy, and inflamed skin.” She says to pay special attention to the skin-care products you’re using.

A more serious side-effect to consider? The lamination chemicals getting in your eye and “potentially [causting] irreversible damage.” And then still, you may accidentally over-process your brow hairs, which can damage them. All of this is to say be extra careful and be sure you’re giving your brows some extra lovin’ once you are able to post-lamination.

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