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On Redemption and Beautiful Scars

Leaf Seligman: On Redemption and Beautiful Scars

July 4, 2021– “As human beings, we inevitably experience harm: we feel hurt, we hurt ourselves and we hurt others. We free ourselves from this experience not by imagining that we can escape the damage, but by knowing that we can heal it, moving from one wound to another. – and then learn to love scars. This, of course, can be my life’s work. Fortunately, I love scars. When I was four years old, I accidentally cut my left eye. As a result, a small scar formed directly underneath my eye and inside the eye, where the pupil remained dilated with a keyhole.After my eye was removed at age twenty-one, a photographer I knew told me that she wanted to record people’s scars, so I asked her to photograph me with an empty basin. It may be that at twenty-one I looked young, even radiant, but that image of me with only one eye is my favorite photo; in fact, it is the only image of me where the subject This feels beautiful. ” Restorative justice author, educator, and practitioner Leah Seligman shares more in this powerful article. (147 reads)

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