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My 94-Year-Old Dad Talks About COVID-19

My 94-year-old dad talks about COVID-19

August 21, 2021– “I want to try to better manage this global situation by looking back, to see how humanity faced similar challenging situations. I am not talking about history books or documentaries, I am talking about real thoughts of someone who has been around the block, that is, my dad (Dr. James Algiers), who at 94 has experienced many world events and, as a doctor, has treated thousands of people with all kinds of conditions. He has always been there to give me a perspective of all aspects of life, and even a global pandemic wasn’t going to stop me from asking her thoughts. Thank goodness for FaceTime and iPhones for making it possible to be as close to “face to face” as possible given the situation. current “. What follows is a candid interview Abbey Algiers conducted with her father weeks before his passing. (574 reads)

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To take actionIs there an elderly person in your life that you turn to in times of crisis and uncertainty? Take some time this week to interview them. Share your wisdom with your own community of friends and family.



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