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Man Gifts Substitute Teacher With Car–Igniting a Ripple of Good Deeds

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that any headline that begins with the words “Florida Man” is likely to end with a twisted punchline straight out of a Carl Hiaasen novel. The meme has been floating around since 2013.

You know…

Florida man breaks into jail to be with friends

Florida man who tried to “run” to Bermuda in an inflatable bubble rescued by the Coast Guard, again

Florida man steals neighbor’s peacock, traded for Angry Birds

Florida man says he danced on patrol to escape vampires

Florida man with mop on head “terrorizes” neighbors with demands for eggs

And those are only the ones that we can print in mixed company.

But now, thanks to a trio of lads in the Tampa Bay area, “Florida Man” may be getting a much-anticipated makeover.

Florida’s number one man Cory Schneider, when it came time to put down the car that his late grandmother had given him years before, after being in an accident, wanted to do something nice with it.

“1997 Ford Crown Victoria, white, about 100,000 miles, almost all driven by grandma,” he posted on Reddit. “Damn good looks for a 24-year-old car. I want to help someone who needs it with a free vehicle ”.

A Ford Crown Victoria similar to the one Schneider gave away.

I was inundated with requests. After examining them, Schneider decided to gift the car to Florida Man Number Two, a 31-year-old substitute teacher named Mark Selby who had been in an accident. Selby’s vehicle was wrecked and he was living with his mother while recovering from his injuries.

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“When I first got the call, I felt like I was going to cry,” Selby said in an interview with the Tampa bay times.

Enter Florida’s number three man, Marcel Gruber of St. Petersburg, who upon learning of Schneider’s generous gesture, upped the ante by putting $ 400 in the car’s glove compartment to pay for registration and incidentals.

The kicker? Selby’s dream is to one day build a home for abandoned children. He says that receiving this gift out of nowhere in one of the worst times of his life really changed things for him and gave him the encouragement he needs to keep moving toward that goal.

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Who knows? Perhaps someday, in the not too distant future, we will all read a headline that reads, “Florida Man Builds Orphanage.”

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