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It couldn't be clearer

April 3, 2021– “Interrelation is one of the powers of Brian Swimme’s universe that I have been contemplating. I could have accompanied this particular exploration with any image I have. Every flower, every leaf, every tree trunk, every mushroom is only here for a network of relationships. With air, water, fungi, microbes, insects. With their companion plants, the soil that penetrates their roots, the beings that grow in those roots, the stone that slowly dissolves forms the soil. And they know that they have these Relationships. They smell each other, approach each other, point to each other, warn of danger. Trees nurture and protect their descendants. They send messages through the networks of intelligent fungi. A seed will not open its box unless it feels that its cohorts need to growth is in place. It will wait decades, even centuries, for that to happen. ” (18 readings)

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To take actionTake a moment to look around you. Can you tune in to the interconnections that lie beneath the surface of this moment and place in time? For more inspiration, read “Seven Lessons for Leaders in Systems Change.” [more]


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