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I Created the Repair Cafe

I created the Repair Cafe

August 6, 2021– Throwing away our broken appliances and other items seems to be the only thing to do if they have become unusable, but Martine Postman in Amsterdam was not satisfied with this wasteful binge drinking symptom. She was determined to find a way to do more than watch garbage cans overflow and created the concept of Repair Cafes. Once a month, their cafeteria offers space for repair experts to work with people who want to repair broken items of all kinds, from broken computers to children’s toys and old watches. Portman’s creative idea has spread to more than 70 countries around the world, offering an alternative to our throwaway consumer culture. (118 reads)

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To take actionConsider these questions: How can you create less waste or reuse what you’ve used once? What are the things in your life that are broken that can be creatively fixed, be it things, relationships, or ideas?


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