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He Saved a Stranger From Drowning in India, Now They’re Married in the Netherlands

Nupur Gupta and Attila Bosnyak

In the real world, falling in love isn’t usually an adventure that literally begins with a daring ocean rescue, but sometimes this is exactly how a story unfolds.

In February 2019, yoga instructor Nupur Gupta was swimming in the waters off a beach in Goa when the current washed over her. Although she was a good swimmer, she was afraid she would not be able to return to shore.

Hope came in the form of Hungarian-born financial adviser Attila Bosnyak, who had spied on his troubled future true love and was swimming to his aid.

Although he was a capable swimmer, once he reached Gupta, Bosnyak realized that he would not be able to get them both to safety on his own. Rather than tow Gupta, he swam toward a nearby rock formation.

After several attempts in which he was hit by strong waves and crushed against the rocks, he was able to climb up and call for help from lifeguards on the shore.

He once saw a guard heading straight for Gupta, a bleeding bosnyak, who had suffered numerous scratches and bruises, swam back to shore and collapsed into a beach chair. A grateful Gupta, who had quickly recovered from her own experience, felt compelled to help the stranger who had saved her life.

Quickly getting first aid supplies and chocolate ice cream as a thank you, she returned to her hero’s side. After tending to his injuries, he offered her the ice cream.

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Some might blame the chocolate, but in that instant, Gupta’s emotional landscape underwent a sea change, and she wasn’t the only one. Bosnyak also felt the “magical” surge of attraction.

Nupur Gupta and Attila Bosnyak

Gupta and Bosnyak were staying at the same yoga center; she, as a teacher and he, as a student (although not in any of his advanced classes). Over the course of the next few days, the promising relationship began to take shape.

However, since the retreat was to end soon and each was scheduled to return to their respective lives (for Bosnyak, that meant their job in the Netherlands and for Gupta, home to Kerala), it seemed that the budding romance would never. could have a chance to flourish.

But the two decided to take a chance on love. Putting their real lives on hold for another week, the couple spent Valentine’s Day together. In the coming months, thanks to social networks, their bond continued to grow, albeit over a long distance.

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After a month back and forth, Bosnyak knew he wanted to see where the relationship could go. He asked Gupta how he felt. She also wanted to move on.

“I accepted immediately without thinking twice, despite knowing that it is a great distance, different cultures, continents, countries, cities,” he said. CNN. “I wanted to do this. I mean, I wanted to have this experience. I loved his vibe for that time I was with him and I was so happy. “

While the bride and groom were hoping to meet in person for a good time as a couple, plans for a vacation had to be postponed when it emerged that Gupta’s mother needed emergency surgery for a brain tumor. After Gupta explained why he had to cancel his plans, without missing a beat, Bosnyak offered to fly there to be with her.

Once Gupta’s mother recovered, the couple embarked on a series of encounters in Dubai, Serbia, and eventually Thailand. The sites were not chosen for their romantic potential, but rather for what their travel visas would allow.

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In September 2019, Gupta was granted a Dutch visa. He joined Bosnyak in the Netherlands and traveled with him to meet his family in Hungary. While it took her time to adjust to both the culture and the climate, she knew in her heart that the move could become permanent, and it did.

Bosnyak and Gupta got married on March 21, 2020 at Trouwlocatie Groenmarkt, which once served as the Hague’s city hall. In fact, they were the last couple to get married at the prestigious site before the close of the pandemic.

Nupur Gupta and Attila Bosnyak

The newlyweds spent the next few months almost exclusively in each other’s company. “It’s the litmus test, I think, for a relationship,” Bosnyak told CNN. “That you can live with that person for months and months and months with no events around, no places to visit, no fun activities other than those you can invent inside your apartment, or during your short walks in the next year and a half, two kilometers in your neighborhood. So if you can pull it off and keep your happiness, then that relationship is rock solid. “

The couple’s path to a fairytale ending has not been without bumps, as Gupta recently contracted coronavirus. But now she is on the mend, and she and Bosnyak are doing what they can to help their friends and family as the pandemic continues in India.

Nupur gupta

Next summer, Gupta and Bosnyak, along with their dog, Sukhi Ram, should move to Athens, where Bosynak has been offered a job. If all goes according to plan, it seems like an addition to the family could be on the cards as well.

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And while “happily ever after” is never guaranteed, we think for a real-life romantic tale that began with a soggy prince charming and a damsel in distress, that sounds pretty close.

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