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Great Dane Helps a Woman Overcome Loneliness

Most people have experienced loneliness at some point and have overcome it with the help of their furry friends. A woman who adopted a beautiful blue Great Dane discovered this firsthand when she felt isolated and alone. His dog Iris befriended him when he needed it most, and now they have an unbreakable bond.

Stacy moved from Canada to the United States to live with her husband, but did not know anyone else in the country. Since she had no friends or family here and had a lot of free time, she often felt bored and lonely. After a while, she felt like she would go crazy from isolation, so she mentioned how to bring a dog to her husband.

“Growing up, I had never had a dog before, so Iris was my first dog,” Stacy said. They quickly fell in love and became best friends.

What Stacy loves most about her Great Dane

“I would say the most gratifying about owning a pet it is seeing how happy you are making this loving little being for whom you are fully and entirely responsible. And knowing what you are doing is making them happy and giving them a comfortable, safe and enjoyable life. “

Stacy feels that taking care of Iris gives her a sense of purpose and she loves the bond they share. She enjoys loving and caring for her Great Dane, because she knows that it makes a big difference in her life. They make a perfect match and spend much of their days together. It doesn’t matter if they’re taking a nap, tossing a Frisbee, or just watching TV, they enjoy every memory created.

“I’m with Iris most of the day, every day, so when it comes to a favorite memory it’s a bit difficult, but one of my favorite things is when my parents come to visit or we drive to Canada together, me and Iris. “

Stacy says that too enjoy long walks together and have trained Iris to walk without a leash. They walk around the neighborhood or take advantage of the local trails near their home. While Indianapolis doesn’t offer many off-leash options, they’ve found a few places to take Iris. Either way, Stacy says the training was a good investment for the times when they can let Iris roam free.

“She loves to walk through the water; I go to the knees, she will go to the knees, which is about the same depth as the water. In fact, she is taller than me on her hind legs! “

A gentle giant dog

You can see this in the video posted below. Great Danes can stand over 6 feet tall on their hind legs, so they know who’s the boss! They are definitely the “top dog” in most households. They also have a habit of taking up the entire sofa or bed due to their large frame, so be prepared if you get one!

“My number one tip for anyone looking to bring an animal into their home would definitely be to match their lifestyle with yours. So even though Great Danes are very lazy, they miss their humans a lot when humans leave them. They don’t do well for long periods of time if left alone. “

This explains the relationship between Iris and Stacy, as Iris cannot stand a minute without her mother. They have a very close bond due to all the time they spend together. Great Danes may seem a bit intimidating, but they are well known for being sweet and loyal to their owners!

Here are some interesting facts about this beautiful breed of dog:

  • They are known to be “gentle giants”
  • The modern Great Dane was bred in Germany to hunt wild boar.
  • They are the tallest dogs in the world. Males can reach up to 32 inches at the shoulders and females 30 inches. Males can weigh up to 175 pounds and females generally reach 140 pounds.
  • Great Danes make wonderful family dogs because of their loving, patient, and gentle demeanor.
  • They need daily exercise; a couple of brisk walks should suffice. Although you may think you need to run a marathon because of its size, they actually tire quickly. (Great Danes can be a bit lazy.)
  • They live an average of 7 to 10 years.
  • Obedience classes are vital when they are puppies, as their size makes them more difficult to control as adults.

Do you want a Great Dane?

If you have a lot of space in your home, Great Danes can do wonderful pets! Iris helped Stacy overcome loneliness and gave her a best friend in her new town. He also showers her with love and affection, and Stacy returns it ten times over. They really make the perfect duo and seem to enjoy every second that they spend together.

Loneliness It can strike when we least expect it, and often it’s our furry friends who give us the love we need. When the world excludes us, we can always count on our pets to give us the unconditional love and support we need!

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