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Girl Donates All Her Birthday Money to Homeless Man Who Returned Her Grandma’s Wallet

In Jewish tradition, a mitzvah is a good deed done with a good heart simply because it is the right thing to do. And this is how Evelyn Topper described the kind act of a homeless stranger who had struggled to return his lost wallet.

Topper probably dropped the wallet as she and her granddaughter, Mikayla Gounard, were leaving a local coffee shop in San Rafael, California that they had just frequented, but Topper didn’t realize it was missing until she got home. With her credit, debit, and medical cards gone, she was understandably upset.

The next day, however, Topper received a call that put an end to his worries.

Sean Curry had found the wallet in a garbage container behind the cafeteria. Except for the cash, its contents were intact. Despite the fact that he had been homeless for five years, instead of taking advantage, Curry reached out to arrange to return Topper’s property.

While Topper praised his behavior and declared it a mitzvah, Curry didn’t think he had done anything out of the ordinary. He had, he explained in an interview with NBC, because the “[had] a heart “and” that’s the way I was raised. “

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While a true mitzvah is performed without expecting recognition or reward, sometimes the powers that be – with the help of a determined young woman – take matters into their own hands.

Mikayla Gounard had already planned a socially distant drive-by party for her upcoming 12th birthday. Instead of gifts, she had decided to ask for charitable contributions to be donated on her behalf.

Gounard had yet to choose which charity the money would go to, but after learning more about the man who had so selflessly returned his grandmother’s wallet, the choice seemed obvious.

It was Gounard’s turn to perform his own mitzvah. On the day of her party, the 12-year-old newborn placed a photo of Curry and a collection basket along with balloons and party favors on an outdoor table in her driveway. At the end of his “Happy Birthday!” processional, had raised several hundred dollars.

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When Gounard and his mother met Curry the next day to give him the money, he admitted that he was truly touched by the touching gesture.

NBC Bay Area Video

Rather than just lip service to the idea that “one good twist deserves another,” like Curry, Gounard chose to make that good turn happen, because he knew it was the right thing to do.

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“I think it’s very important that people who think that because they pushed you down you can never get back up,” Gounard said.

We think so too.

(WATCH the video of this story from NBC Bay Area below).

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