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Fresh Sheets or Great Books? These Are The Top 50 Simple Pleasures That Americans Love the Most

Do you want to make someone’s day? It can be as simple as playing their favorite song or pointing to a newly flowered tree.

2,000 Americans revealed in a survey that their main simple pleasure is listening to the music they love. Watching the flowers bloom also made it one of the nation’s top ten simple pleasures.

Other pleasures include sleeping in a freshly made bed, feeling the sun on your face, and hitting the beach. Being in a new place, watching a beloved movie, and seeing breathtaking views are also characteristics.

Respondents enjoy an average of eight moments of simple pleasure a week, about one a day. The satisfaction of the pleasure of a moment can last more than 20 minutes on average, although 11 percent get a shine of up to an hour.

The investigation was commissioned by Small luxury hotels in the world, which also commissioned the poet Laurie Bolger to write an article on the simple pleasures of life.

The word maker said, “I wanted my poem to remind people of the feeling you get when you can enjoy the simple pleasures in life.”

“But on the other hand, I also wanted to highlight that the reason some of these things are so nice is because they are a break from the norm.” Bolger added. “Feeling the sun on my face is definitely one of my favorite simple pleasures in life, and I’m glad the survey reflects that, and that we’re starting to see brighter weather as well.”


1. Listen to your favorite songs
2. A good dinner
3. Watch your favorite movie
4. Finish a really good book
5. Exercise
6. Observe a kind of bird that you have never seen before
7. See flowers and trees bloom
8. Wear an outfit that makes you feel good
9. Home cooking
10. A match on Hinge (or another dating site) with someone you are attracted to
11. Impressive views
12. Go to the beach
13. Not having to set the alarm on the weekend or on a day off
14. Receive a delivery by mail
15. Go out to dinner
16. Finding money you forgot about
17. Laugh out loud at a movie
18. Have dinner made for you
19. Staying in bed on a Sunday morning
20. Make someone smile or laugh
21. Sound of rain in the window
22. Have a picnic
23. Hear the wind blow through the trees
24. Being in a new place
25. Sleeping in a freshly made bed
26. Receive a compliment from a stranger
27. Swimming outdoors
28. Discovering new foods
29. Feeling the sun on your face
30. Play sports with friends or family
31. Waking up to the sun
32. Donate to charities
33. Get a hug from your kids
34. Meeting new people
35. Purchase of fresh local food products
36. Hear nothing but birds tweeting
37. Payday
38. Cake
39. Have a coffee / tea in bed
40. Observe people
41. Getting out of the office while going on vacation
42. Smell of toast in the morning
43. Spontaneous departures
44. Long walks
45. Play a musical instrument
46. ​​Sleeping in an incredibly comfortable big bed
47. Wearing a new pair of socks for the first time
48. Have a gossip or catch up with friends
49. Being in the field
50. See a butterfly

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