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Enigmatic Mystic & Mother of Abstract Art

Hilma af Klint: enigmatic mystic and mother of abstract art

August 17, 2021– “In 1986, those art historians who see art as a form of linear progression that ‘improves’ over time were hit hard. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibition The Spiritual in Art – Abstract Paintings 1890 -1985 introduced a hitherto unknown Artist. The problem was not only that this art was so exquisitely beautiful, but that the paintings had been painted in the early 20th century. ”When Swedish artist Hilma af Klint died in 1944, she left more than 1000 paintings and clear instructions that his work would not be displayed publicly until two decades after his death. When his remarkable paintings finally saw the light of day, they created quite a stir … more about his enigmatic life and impressive legacy in this part. (228 reads)

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To take actionConsider what it means to you to serve the truth. “Beyond the Visible” is a documentary that brings af Klint’s story and contributions to life. For more inspiration, check out the trailer here. [more]


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