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Despite Zoom Services, 82-Year-old Dresses Like it’s ‘Easter Sunday’ Every Week for Church – LOOK

Since the pandemic began, most parishioners have joined virtual Sunday services through Zoom and Facebook Live. Naturally, many have to stay in comfortable pajamas or sportswear to watch. La Verne Ford Wimberly, however, has not been one of those people.

La Verne Ford Wimberly

Wimberly, 82, has joined fellow parishioners at Tulsa Metropolitan Baptist Church in Oklahoma in the most glamorous and colorful outfits.

Since last spring, the retired teacher has also been posting delicious selfies of her stylish appearance on Facebook after each service.

“She never skips a beat with the hats, the clothes, and all those beautiful jewelry,” Robin Watkins, assistant to the church’s executive office, told the Washington Post.

Wimberly explained to the newspaper her desire to dress well: “In the 20 years that I have been going to church there, I have always had my little routine that I learned from my mother as a child … suit and hat and put it on the night before, so she could be prepared and look presentable. “

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Being prepared, having routines: both can be a way to root ourselves in small pleasures.

These are some of La Verne’s favorite looks from the past year.

Pretty in pink …

La Verne Ford Wimberly

For regia in blue …

La Verne Ford Wimberly

La Verne reminds us of the joys of doing our best:

La Verne Ford Wimberly

And give the world a smile, no matter what.

La Verne Ford Wimberly

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