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Colorado Proposes Giving Free Therapy to Young People Struggling in Pandemic

Colorado is working hard to ensure there is mental health support for youth battling the pandemic.

Bill 21-1258 was introduced to the House last week and would provide people under the age of 19 free therapy sessions if needed.

As children face increased isolation and instability due to COVID-19, a program is needed to help youth get through this difficult time, says the bipartisan bill, noting that the Colorado Crisis Services Hotline has seen a 30% increase in calls and texts since last time. spring.

According to The Colorado sun, the bill “represents one of the most aggressive behavioral health initiatives in Colorado history” and is on a “fast track of passage.”

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This matters. Before the pandemic, Colorado ranked in the bottom 10 half of states for prevalence of mental illness and access to care.

“If we can get that [mental health support] to all the kids in Colorado? “State Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet said The Colorado sun, it will be a “game changer”. Of that we have no doubt.

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