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August 14, 2021– “How things seem is not how things are. For most of us, most of the time, it seems that the self is a unified and enduring entity, an essence, a unique identity: the recipient of wave after wave . of perceptions and the decision-maker about what to do next. We feel, think and act. This is how things seem. The way things are is very different. The story that arises from a rich mix of philosophy, psychology and neuroscience is that the self is not “what perceives.” Instead, the self is also a perception. Or rather, it is a collection of related perceptions. The experiences of the world and the self are created by the brain follows a common principle: a ‘best guess’ principle, or what we might call ‘controlled hallucination’ “. Neuroscientist Anil Seth shares more in this compelling article. (286 reads)

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To take actionSeth says, “When we agree with our hallucinations, that’s what we call reality.” How do you get the previous article and this statement? What are they curious about? How could you follow up on that curiosity this week?



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