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5-Year-old is a Neighborhood Hero For Drawing Colorful Messages of Hope on Her House During Lockdown (Look)


A girl became famous in her neighborhood after drawing colorful messages of hope on her locked family’s garage door.

Christine Hilditch, a mother of two, has let her five-year-old daughter, Eilidh, turn her shiny black garage door into a huge art project.

Twice a week since April 2020, Eilidh has let her imagination run wild, covering space with mermaids, dolphins, Spiderman and dinosaurs.

This week he has illustrated it with a rainbow, flowers and the word “Hope”, as the blockade is made even easier in Scotland.

Eilidh has a small stool she can stand on to help her reach higher, and her artist mother gives her a hand with the things she struggles to reach.

People stop them on the street to ask if the drawings are of her, and a fan club that adores him has started leaving boxes of chocolates on her doorstep.

Proud mom Christine said, “Whatever she comes up with, she does … It could be pretty random, one week we had a fairy tale as she had been learning about them at school so there was a fairy godmother and began “Once upon a time” and ended ‘Happily ever after’.

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“He made poppies for Remembrance Day and one for Valentine’s Day. It depends on what is happening around you. “

When neighborhood stores ran out of chalk, instead of paying more for it online, Christine decided to make some from scratch using plaster of paris, food coloring, sign paint, and flour.

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Christine added: “She is only drawing outside to make people happy.”


Christine has already spent a broom scrubbing the garage, but when it rains, the chalk disappears and Eilidh starts from scratch the next dry day.

In August, Eildih was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after she flew into a roundabout at a playground and broke her elbow, needing an operation to fix it.


But even though he couldn’t draw with his right arm, he became ambidextrous.

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Christine said: “I was learning to draw with my left hand, I just wanted to keep going. She was going to P1 [first grade] so I was very anxious about not being able to do things. Now he can write with both his left and right hands. “


Eilidh now loves being back in school as the lockdown in Britain eases. And one thing is for sure: this girl is undoubtedly excelling in her art classes.

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