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20 Affirmations to Tell Yourself If Your Heart Is Broken

When your heart is broken, it can affect more than just your emotional health. Having a broken heart affects your daily life, interfering with your relationships and personal and professional skills.

When you let your anguish consume your life, it is detrimental in all respects. Your thoughts play an essential role in overcoming distress because if you can change your thoughts, you can heal. That is why positive affirmations can help you if your heart is broken.

Staying aware of your thoughts can help, and you can repeat affirmations no matter where you are. Take a moment for yourself whenever you feel negative thoughts creeping in and use these affirmations to refocus your thoughts.

Heartbreak is difficult no matter what the situation is, but always remember that you are strong enough to overcome it. You will overcome and be better because of it. Every time you find yourself struggling, go back to these affirmations to tell yourself if your heart is broken.

20 affirmations to tell yourself if your heart is broken

Remember these unshakable truths every day as you heal from a broken heart.

1. I am complete on my own and will move on.

You don’t need a partner to complete you, and you can feel whole after a breakup. If you recognize that it is already complete, you will advance more quickly. Never forget to tell yourself that you will move on because, no matter how difficult it seems right now, it will happen.

2. I know my worth, even if someone else doesn’t recognize it.

Never doubt your worth because you are very worthy and valuable. Even if someone broke your heart because they didn’t see your worth, it’s still there. You will find the right person who sees your value. Until then, you should focus on increasing your sense of self-worth.

3. I forgive the person who hurt me.

When you forgive the person who broke your heart, it will be easier for you to heal. If you do not forgive, you will experience bitterness and anger, which will prevent you from moving on. Instead, focus on forgiveness and you will find happiness again.

4. I forgive myself for hurting myself.

Just as you must forgive the person who hurt you, you must also forgive yourself. There is nothing wrong with experiencing heart painBut people tend to blame themselves. If you find yourself in that position, forgive yourself so you can move on.

5. My heart is healing and I will be fine.

By telling yourself that your heart is healing, you will begin to notice the healing process a little more. You will feel like you are feeling better each day, and you will find comfort in knowing that you will be fine. Every day gets a little easier, so repeat this statement every morning.

6. I will use this time for personal growth and love myself the way I deserve to be loved.

Take the opportunity to spend time alone and use it to improve yourself. If you put all your pain and energy into personal growth, you will heal faster and at the same time you will become a better version of yourself. Along the way, make sure you love yourself the way you deserve, and part of self-love is self-improvement.

7. I feel my heart fill up again.

Repeat this affirmation every morning and visualize how your heart is united again. With vocal repetition and visualization, this affirmation will help you heal. If you practice meditation, you could also repeat this phrase while you meditate.

8. I’m on my way to something even better.

When a relationship ends, remember that it means that there is something better in your future. You will find yourself when the time is right, so use this statement as a reminder that you will overcome.

9. I am more than this breakup.

Sometimes when you are heartbroken, you will feel consumed by it. It will seem that the breakup fills every part of your life and your being, but you can overcome that feeling.

Use this affirmation to remind yourself that you are much more than what is happening in your life. When you recognize this fact, you will have more confidence in yourself as the day progresses.

10. I am grateful to know now what was not meant to be mine.

It would be more painful if the relationship continued because it wasn’t meant to be. Over time, things would have gone wrong, so it’s best to find out now. When this relationship ends, remember that one day you will find true love and that it will be only for you.

Knowing that there is something better for you will bring you comfort as you work to heal your broken heart. Remember that if something didn’t work out, it’s the universe’s way of saving you.

11. I am strong enough to overcome my broken heart.

You are stronger than you think and you will get over your broken heart. It won’t last forever, you will persevere and turn out better than ever. Use this affirmation to remind yourself of your inner strength each day and you will feel the difference.

12. I am paying attention to all the lessons learned.

When your heart is broken, you can find many lessons in experience if you remember to look for them. Use this statement as a reminder to stay alert and remember that even heartbreak it is a learning opportunity.

13. I am patient while waiting for true love.

Your time is approaching, so remember to be patient. Don’t try to rush the process, or you will find yourself repeatedly hurting yourself. If you are patient while you wait for your chance, you will find the love you deserve.

14. I know that the pain will ease and that I will find joy in life again.

It may seem overwhelming at this point, but the pain will ease a little more each day. Before you know it, you will experience happiness and joy again. Using this affirmation when your heart is broken will remind you to look for the little things that make you smile.

15. I am attracting people who will love me the way I deserve.

Not everyone is for you and they will not treat you as you deserve to be. Use this statement as a way to attract only those who will treat you with respect, kindness, and love.

You will find yourself, so stay positive along the way. Remember that positive people attract other positive people, so pay attention to the energy flows through you.

16. I deserve love and will find it one day.

Never doubt that you deserve love. Repeat this affirmation every morning to reaffirm that fact because you are worthy of love, and you will find it. You just have to believe that you will and focus on your self-esteem while you wait.

17. I am regaining my power and getting over the pain.

You are powerful despite what is happening in your life. You can regain your power at any time because your inner strength is more powerful than you think. Use this affirmation to empower yourself to move on when your heart is broken.

18. I trust that the universe is guiding me in the right direction.

The the universe will guide you are in the right direction, so find comfort that your heartbreak is leading you to a better place. Your life will be better than ever and you will be happy again. Use this affirmation when you feel like giving up to remind yourself that your future is waiting.

19. I choose to let go because I cannot control anyone but myself.

You can’t force someone to stay in your life, and if you had to, they probably shouldn’t be there anyway. Recognize that you cannot control what others do, but you can control yourself and your decisions. Then you decide to let it go and move on.

20. I accept and love myself as I am now.

With self-acceptance and self-love, you can overcome any heartache. Focus on loving yourself when your heart is broken, and you will heal faster and learn to feel whole on your own. You don’t need anyone when you can love yourself the way you deserve to be loved.

20 affirmations to tell yourself if your heart is broken

When your heart is broken, it can be difficult to see the good in your life and recognize that you will heal. Sometimes it seems that the healing will never begin and that you will experience this pain forever. Using affirmations to help with the healing process can remind you of your strength to help you overcome.

Always remember that you are worthy and valuable. You will find someone who loves you the way you deserve to be loved when the time is right. Until then, use this alone time to focus on self-improvement, self-care, and self-esteem.

You will have days that will be more difficult than others, so use affirmations more during those days. Remember that healing takes time, so don’t rush the process, use positivity to help you.

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